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Easy exams to go!


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Well for those kids who want a modular based dumbed down A-level, they've got till 2015 - or they could vote Labour!


Comma after "well", and "until" instead of "till".




Far too late, In another 10 years time, those with dumbed down qualifications will be running the country.


An anomalous capital "I" after a comma.





Must try harder!

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I was in the last year to do GCE 'O' levels (Showing my age I know). I got an U in English Language. less than 16% I understand. Only 'O' I failed oddly enough. Whilst doing A Levels next year I re-sat my English (Combined this time) as a GCSE and got a Grade B which was I understand 80+% in those days.


GCSE was 80% modules and 20% exam. This was pre-internet age and even then easy to reasearch and produce your course work.


English wasnt my strong point at the time but whilst I dont accept I was as bad as a U, I certainly wasnt a B (more like a C). I also have CSE grade 2 at English done in 4th year.


This to me shows that the GCSE was easier (for me at least) and havign muliple levels of exams doesnt show a true picture of the ability.


I therefore welcome the English Bacc as proposed.


Fotnote: I apologse 4 tipos and mispollings. I tiped tis verry quikly.

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This nonesense came about cos of Labour's obsession with getting kids into University, irrespective of abilties or aptitude. Whilst there may still be a dispropornate number of public school types monopolising the best Universities; a pursuit of mediocrity rather than excellence does nothing for the economic future of the Nation. imo The objective of our education must be to produce the best and allow folk to realise their full potential. Now this may mean viewing less academic vocational training as just as valuable as a Uni degree; and the infrastructure should be in place to produce the best tradesmen etc we can. So it's not what your job is, but how good you are at it. We are in competition with the rest of the world, and all Team GB should be pulling on the rope - turn out a weak team, and we lose. :shock:

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Didn't have GCSE's when i did my exams in 74, just 'O' levels and 'CSE'.


A grade 1 CSE was the equivalent of an 'O' level pass grade. which means in all I ended up with three 'O' levels and a CSE equivalent. of an 'O'level


Only know this because I have all the certificates in a folder from when I was asked to show what qualifications I had when I signed on at the Jobcentre. Think they were a bit overwhelmed by them as I was more qualified than most of the staff there. Only thing I did not have was my indentures from UKAEA. Have the tankard they were presented in but despite many years of searching at home they have not yet turned up. Don't know where they ever went but I keep looking both at home and at mothers house just in case they turn up.


One of the ones that always used to puzzle me was the ECDL. I was asked if i had one and gave a puzzled look until they explained that it was a certificate of competency in using computers. I asked what it entailed and they said that it was use of the basic office suit of software. When i produced the various certificates issued by Daresbury Labs to show that I had completed all three levels of training from beginner to advanced in all the office software and project software they agreed that I did not need an ECDL. Trouble was that I was then over qualified for about 95% of the jobs I applied for. which is typical.dry.gif


I can understand why they brought in the modular style, it was mainly to help those kids who do well in course work but because of nerves go to pieces in exam situations and would otherwise fail to get the recognition they deserved. Trouble is although of the best intentions it was poorly carried out and now looked upon as a travesty.

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An answer for Wolfie; different examination boards used different grading systems, but all the ones I took (AEB, JMB and Cambridge Board) used letters.

I was one of the first to take CSE's at our school, as a trial sitting. It was rapidly decided that they were a joke, as none of us taking them had to do any revision or do much work in the academic year leading up to them, but all got grade 1 passes.

I do still have all my O and A level certificates, my Teaching Certificate and my degree certificate. All of these usually mean that I don't even get interviewed for the majority of jobs. I was just very lucky that I found a firm who intentionally take a wide variety of ages and experiences.

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