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Has the penny dropped ?


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Very interesting how Wigan supporters responded to their home game vs Le Frogs last night. Seems they voted with their feet and stayed at home...The gate was 7,200 which is less than half their average gate..Looking at the game on TV it was obvious the attendance was low but not that drastic. Wigan are RL champions by virtue of finishing top and despite weeks of continuous hype on Sky TV surrounding the *Grand Final* the old time fans such as myself regard this *Grand Final* as just an end of season play-off competition which has taken place for the last 50 years that I know of. The RFL should develop some gonads and take back a semblance of control..The Sky TV tail has been wagging the RFL dog for too long.

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I think that the "season ticket mentality" has a lot to do with it.Seats are not cheap these days and with it being televised as well it all contributes to a poor turnout.

I worry what our crowd will be tonight for exactly the same reason.

Two people who are North Stand season ticket holders have to shell out £53 to watch the game or they could go to the pub watch 2 games and have £53 to spend at the bar, it seems the bar is a tempting alternative.

Maybe if the clubs offered ST holders a generous discount (as in the challenge cup a couple of seasons ago)it may have helped ?

But I will be there icon_razz.gif

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The team has not been the same since the 2 wins against Saints & Wigan ; they weren't even at their best at Wembley.Too much dropped ball was a big influence last night & lack of composure.The Wire were steamrollered by a faster Saints side who fully deserved to win & after about a hour we looked to be short of attacking ideas & options & against one of the big sides it was questionable how much good the rotation of the squad has done apart from throwing away wins to lower teams which would have seen us at least finish top !

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pity but hey! we have the most important silverware!. :wink:


May well be a view shared by many fans. Unfortunately the RL and many players view the Grand Final as the pinnacle of the season (a view not shared by me), and an opportunity to compete in the World Club Challenge.

Only 6 teams have competed in the World club challenge since it became official in 1989. Until wire are added to that list many will believe they are yet to achieve the status of 'best team'.

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