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Should Judges Be Regularly Vetted


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Should judges be regularly vetted to ascertain their suitability to continue in the job? I have long maintained that they should and a recent court case could only support what I say that some judges do lose their marbles.

David Cameron spoke out after a Judge Peter Bowers told a burgler stood before him in the dock, "It takes a huge amount of courage, as far as I can see, for somebody to burgle somebody's house. I wouldn't have the nerve." Then handed him a 12 months suspended sentence, telling the criminal, "I'm going to take a chance on you."

Dave stressed that burglary is not bravery, it's cowardice and is a hateful crime. I do wish he would intervene and order the suspended sentence to be replaced by a custodial one. :angry:

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Everyone should own a shotgun and blast any intruders at will..... why should a compulsive burglar be given a suspended sentence? If it is a first time offence; ok, give the person a chance to change. Second offence should equal double the sentence, third offence should be triple the recomended sentence.... any more and it should be life without parole on a remote Scottish island

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Why waste this burglars bravery ? After he has been recognised in the New Year's Honours List get him signed up for a 22 stretch in the army & have him assigned to the front line of every conflict that involves the UK.I am sure his courage would be an inspiration to the soldiers on any battlefield !

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