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Wolves home coming parade


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We did and we saw them as they came past the bust station (although no sign of the cup there and they passed by very quickly :unsure:) and then we walked to the Town Hall and waited for them there too. The atmosphere at the Town Hall was great and we've never watched from there before so glad we went :D


I tool some pics too and will try and upload some later. I spotted a rather dodgy looking (although trim) bloke wearing shades and a leather jacket stood on the town hall steps too :wink::lol:


Did you go Sadako ?

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From what I could seen the crowds didn't turn out anywhere like what they did in 2009 and 2010 - Wembley also looked to have around 10,000 empty seats!




Crowd at Wembley was much as 2009 but the homecoming was down and I suspect it was a mix of" been there done it "and the different route which many say was badly planned and unpopular ; and 2010 route was far the better option.

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I can just about understand a Rugby League fan going to Wembley to watch the match, even though you get a better view on TV. But why anyone would want to go and watch the team come back is beyond me.


It is called enjoying yourself and celebrating success!:roll:

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