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Time to sort out the flooding problem?

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One can be forgiven for thinking we seem to be having "extreme weather events"; but floods are affecting other parts of the world and it seems weather patterns havn't changed that much in the UK for the past 100 years. But there's clearly a problem to sort out, given that each and every downpour seems to result in houses being flooded, and no doubt claims that increase insurance premiums for us all. So what should be done about it? :unsure:

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They didn't say; but before you start up about global warming; they did say they've checked our weather records for the past 100yrs and it's not a new phenomena. Think the point is, what should be done to adapt to such extremes? Sid's mentioned the obvious, but despite supposed planning limitations, they're still building on the flood plain. Perhaps we should start building on stilts, and provide a space for the car (or boat!) on the ground floor? Perhaps they should invest in storm drains that can take the kind of volumes we're getting? :unsure:

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strange as it may seem I do actually live in an area that is marked on the maps as being close to a flood plain.


the water would have to rise to such a level to reach my house that the best insurance would be to build an ark or get asp to give us a lift. :mrgreen:


Not sure if my insurance actually covers me for flooding by river / heavy rainfall or not. At one time it was classed as an act of god but not sure if that get out clause is still in existence or not.


If it is then I will be kicking up a fuss if they try to play that card on me.

First question will be which particular god did you have in mind.

second question would be as I am an atheist can you prove to me beyond all doubt that the god cited exists.

third question would then be can you supply me the name and current address of that god so that I can get my solicitors on the case to sue for damages to property etc. (wonder if one of those no win no fee wallers would take that one on? ) :blink:


Now as regards storm drains they only work well if you have somewhere to rapidly dump the excess water.( such as a flood plain,reservoir / lake or convenient ocean nearby )


Around here though I suppose they could use the coal mines that have been shut down at a push.

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The ship canal only provides a certain amount of protection for the upstream areas after prolonged rainfall but I doubt it would do much for the kind of localised flash flooding we’ve seen on TV of late.


Interestingly, when the warnings went out for our area the other day, I checked the level of Spittle Brook, which runs right by my office. Given that it had been raining for several days, I’d have expected to see it looking a bit like the Amazon but amazingly it was very fast running but the channel was almost empty. Clearly the authorities had got their act together and opened the sluice gates early in anticipation of the predicted heavy rain. 8)


Several hours later, the water was six feet deep and whooshing down at a hell of a lick but at least it had somewhere to go.



Bill :)

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