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Warrington Transport Festival This Saturday


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It may be a bit wet so bring a brolly..... Loads of sideshows and rides and of course cars, bikes, fire engines and other things all over the town centre


I'll be there with the Corsair (Still only one as the other is still in bits in the garage!!) so come and have a natter!!.... if it does rain, it will only be the second time it has got wet in the past 40 years!!!! so if I can make that sacrifice; I'm sure you lot can come and get wet with me!


Apparently there is a chance to win a spin in a supercar so I expect RodK will have a go at that one!!! (Just imagine 20mph in a Ferrari!!) :D

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no chance o that wouldn't get over the potholes and speed bumps :rolleyes:


will try and get down there though rain or not as Mrs Sid wants a haircut. even if she decides not to go may trundle my new machine into town as there are a few odds and ends I need.

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:lol::lol: Might see you there Baz although I said that to RingoDave last week and he managed to avoid me :lol:


You don't need to wear a yellow flower though as I recon your corsair will be enough for me to sus you out and maybe even take a pic or two without you noticing me. Same goes for everyone else who may decide to stalk you :P


Blimey if I do get there that will be two weekends on the run that I've dared to venture into Warrington Town Centre. I don't even do that at xmas time :lol:


Hope the sun shines for you all and if it doesn't I hope your old cars don't have any leaks :unsure::wink::D

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Thanks Algy... come and say hello... if its raining; I'll be in the nearest coffee shop!!


I found this photo which is a bit appropriate seeing as my Corsair will be near the skittles on or abouts Horsemarket street.... It shows a Corsair travelling up Horsemarket street in the 1970's



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What a brilliant afternoon and I'm so glad we went.


Some fantastic cars, and old fire engine with wooden laders and a wooden roof (was that safe. clearly so or it wouldn;t have been there today :oops: ) and we sat on the old busses one in particular had us reminiscing about our younger years when we used to swing of the back bar to dismount :D


PS Nice to meet you Baz, you're not as scarey as I expected :lol::wink:


I'll upload some pics later but there's already some great ones on the front page news page tonight for anyone who missed it.


See here ..... http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/articles/13534/1/Classic-Transport-Show-rocks-town/Page1.html

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