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2.Old Photos of the Bank Quay Area & Lovely Lane.


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Monks Hall Steel Works, the Coach & Horses, St.Lukes Church far left centre.



Bank Quay, Faircloughs Flour Mill with one of their two barges either Panery or Pater.



Bank Quay 1907. Glass House Row, homes to employees of Robinson's glass works.



Atherton's Quay. Robinson's Glass works furnace cones in the background.



1927,Rural Lovely Lane.



1927, July. Thatched cottages in Lovely Lane.


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Another Warrington Worldwide Treasure trove - thanks Algy. My ancestors worked on the Mersey and lived in this area about the time of these photos. Fascinating.

Tracy keep looking in on this series there may be a some that may be of interest to you. If I manage to keep myself motivated there are a lot more photos to come. :wink::D :grin:

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What do you mean 'IF you manage to keep motivated' Algy? Shame on you 8):P

Sorry Dizz, 'me owd, tater' so much going on at home at the moment, I only managed to upload these ten tonight in a rush, the decorators finished yesterday, the carpet cleaner today and we are sat in a rather damp atmosphere and my asthma has kicked in due to the blasted paint fumes, other than that everything is 'Honky Dory'. As they say in the trade, "It's being so cheerful as keeps me going".


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I'll let you off Algy although I thought you were doing your own decorating :wink:


Know what you mean about paint fumes though. Gloss paint brings me out in the wheezes and a 'cold' every time although emulsion is not too bad and just makes my nose run. Hope you feel better soon.


Keep smiling and being cheerful ... I like to do that too from time to time as it makes those around me wonder what I'm upto :wink::lol:

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You mean you don't do your own decorating? No wonder the Chancellor has attacked pensioners. :wink:


Peter, I have always done my own decorating, joinery, plumbing, plastering etc. and to a limit wiring and electrics, this is the very first time that we have had decorators in due to 'her who shall be obeyed' and in her infinite wisdom deciding that we would have the lounge and two bedrooms decorated in one go,and that her downtrodden husband was becoming a doddering idiot and was now to old to do anything useful any more other than sit in a corner waiting for new orders. Tell you what 'matey', the first and last time it shall ever occur, excellent job but can't be doing with the total disruption and 'lady muck' constantly telling me to stop talking to the workforce and offering them my advice, nearest to divorce we have ever been, very pleased with the carpet cleaning bloke though, he was a 'scouser' and when he had gone the carpets were clean and still there, that must be a first1. :wink::D :grin:

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