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Will apply to some of us

harry hayes

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You jest. Those two?? the gentler sex? Harry, they have a mean streak.


Which could be why Harry aired on the side of caution. He is a true gentleman and as such is treated like one.


You however Peter are in for it now after that comment :P:lol:

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dizz AND cleo are streakers :shock: :shock: :twisted:


Cleo has already protested her innocence (although I don't believe her).


I will own up and yes I have streaked, the last time being just before christmas. Odly enough I only ever seem to get the urge in the winter months and it's always a spur of the moment thing. It's either has to happen on the day of the urge or I don't bother whereas a lot of people tend to do it in the summer or all year round and plan their dates way in advance.

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