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Leap Year -


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Yes there is.


I think you'll find that it was Adam and Eve - not Adam and Steve!


:lol::lol: Although I don't think Adam and Eve were actually married were they ?


Has anyone ever checked back though as word of mouth, translations, chinese whispers along with wrong interpretations or a possible cover up of the truth could have made it appear (and people believe) that it was 'Eve' when really it was 'Steve' after all :shock::unsure:



Anyway before this turns into another 'religious' topic I'd like to say that I was JOKING and that "NO I definately did not take advantage of the date today and ask anyone to marry me" :lol:


Load of old twaddle :D

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nothing wrong with that is there?


Back! Get back! No, there's nothing wrong with that. IMO it's very natural for one man to love another so why shouldn't they marry if they so wish? :)


Or woman love another woman. Hummm, does anybody ever say God made Adam and Eve in regards to lesbians or is everyone a Queen Victoria?

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Nowt wrong with 2 women. 2 blokes is just disgusting :wink:


This has intrigued me for a long time so maybe wolf you can explain.


Why do some men like to see 2 lesbians going at it but think two men is disgusting?


It's either ok for both lesbian and gay or it's not ok for either. (unless you are a Queen Victoria that is). :unsure::blink::unsure:

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I suppose it all depends on your particular orientation.


As a "straight" person the sight of two people of the opposite sex to me "getting it together" would at the least peak my interest, where as two people of the same sex as me would not be something that would.


Whether that applies to all combinations I have no idea.

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