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Peter T

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It was a link to an item that is freely available to be viewed (at the viewers discretion) and clearly identified as to the content. Scousers using the language that is common usage these days; Why was it necessary to remove it? Are the people of Warrington totally remote from the real world?


Or are you Steve in disguise? :wink:

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It is common language everywhere these days, but I will NOT condone that sort of language. I don't use it (I did when I worked in industry, but only occasionally) and I think it unnecessary to condone and encourage it's use.

WHY is it necessary to drag the Forum down that route? Bucket-mouthing will not happen as long as I am here.


PS. I can be a lot worse than Steve if I need to be.


PPS. Would it be ok for me to use that language in front of your wife? :confused:

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'ere yer go, the proper Fireman Sam for all our young posters:




For those of a less sensitive nature, just search on youtube for "Fireman Sam", the scouse version is the first hit (didn't think it was that funny meself).


youtube make their money by selling advertising space on a site that gets squillions of hits and is available to anyone with an internet connection: to see anything that's deemed potentially offensive to some, you have to register. It's so popular because it lets visitors to its site decide what they want to view and what they don't.


Youtube was sold not so long ago for something like $1.65 billion.


Some people just don't understand what the web's for and how it works.

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No problem with a post being deleted, although a warning about unsuitable content is all you get on most porn sites......so I'm told :confused: Apart from the moderators, 2 or 3 wannabe Tory mp's, 2 or 3 wannabee scousers and an average age of about 65 the only kid on here is James.


As WillyW said

to see anything that's deemed potentially offensive to some, you have to register.
and scouse fireman sam musn't be seen as offensive because you don't.
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Putting all joking aside James the referees seem to be losing the plot regarding 'career threatening' tackles. There has been a spate of red cards for some tackles (some undeserved) but there have been far more shocking tackles that have not. The worst so far was the one by Gardner on Yorke that was in full view of the ref.

Whilst I am in full flow, yes I know its the joke thread, Clattenberg and Bennett are due their P45s.

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You're right Eagle there have been some horror challenges this season, Diouf on Arbeloa was an unpretty sight that went unpunished. Stephen Hunt on Fernandes deserved a red to. It is a hard job for them on things like off sides and sometime penalty decision, but on basic bad tackles they need to step up a gear. I don't even think they have the excuse of being in bad positions anymore as they are paid as a full time referee and should be fit enough to take up the best position to see incidents.

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