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Sports Personality of the Year

Geoffrey Settle

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He probably appeared on Channel Four in the Tour de France race - but what has appearing on BBC TV got to do with it He is Sports Personality of the Year sponsored by the BBC.


If he wasn't featured much on the BBC then this is surely more power to his pedals. He embodies all that is good in team sport. Hopefully the press won't kick him in the saddle now because he has got to the top.


The Manx Missile has got their through shear grit, determination, team work, dedication etc something we should all recognise and celebrate - that is why he won.


Have you got your tickets yet for the visit of the Missile - John McGuiness another two wheel miracle - he's coming to Warrington in March and also has a very strong Manx connection – the TT.


There must be something in the water and the Snaefell mountain air. :mrgreen: that makes these sports stars great.

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From my experience recently most road users sit on their brains so it works both ways. :evil: The worst ones are the know it alls who expect you to read their next manouver without giving you a clue or a signal.


I think that all road users should have to take a refresher course say every ten years because after that time we have developed so many bad habits it's untrue.


I was amazed how much I learnt during a half day refresher course recently.

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True :mrgreen: but I have a soft spot for them ever since John Jolleys gave me a Mark 4 BMW for my race car that I put a race clock on for the 1988 Chris Vose 10km Road Race. :mrgreen:


I've still got one of the black and white mugs at my mums house that were made as a momento of that race!! :D

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Not my other half....he had to have the points, fine and increased insurance on his car and mine as the Welsh *$&£*"% would not allow speed awareness courses at the time even though he had implemented them everywhere else... but not on his own patch ! My brother did too.


Never accidentally creep upto 35 mph in Wales... they are waiting for you in the bushes, down the grids, behind the trees and from up above and they WILL catch you :wink:


Saying that you rarely see the types of richard heads on the roads that we see around here although you do have the new danger of drivers being fixated on their speedos in terror rather than on the road :blink:

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