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Who pays Rod King ?


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Didn't you briefly take to the bike Baz? Rod would be so proud. :wink:


I did indeed and I still have a bike in my garage.....


However, unlike the lycra-clads I have lots of lights and I cycle on the cycle paths provided at great expense; instead of car dodging like THEY do!


When I am on a bike, I know my place and it certainly isn't mixing it with cars and lorries on a main road!


I also started doing a bit of "faldereeing" and went out with family and some friends for lovely walks in the countryside.... Geoff would be pleased too!! :D

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Why do you ask? As far as I know, he is a local businessman with a strange and possibly worrying love of lycra!


Last weeks Mid Week Guardian had yet another "Rod's influence" headline it seems he is in the running for a gong ! You may not have read the article but within the passage,as well as references to conferences around the UK contact with MP's, MEP's in Brussels and New York City officials,it seems the gong "Social Change Award" is endorsed by the Directory of Social Change.(it smells like a Quango ??)


If you Google directory for social change/home training you will see the mountains of filthy lucre available to 20's plenty campaigners. The campaigners no doubt think they have our best interests at heart but you have to wonder where they get the energy from.


I guess I am a bit of a cynic !

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You may be a cynic but I am nosey so I googled as we haven't had a midweek for over 6 months. I must ask why as we always used to get them. Anyway I digress, sorry :oops:


Seems like you say Mr King is like you say one of 3 finalists up for the "Influencer Award Nominees 2011". Well done RK.


But other than some councillor's... and some other council's like Liverpool who are now basing their decision on the 'success' of Warrington :unsure: .... who has really been 'influenced'. Personally speaking the campaign and the words of RK and the nonsense at times has sent me the other way and I can't get over the fact that no one else in Warrington seems to have a voice in support of the idea on here or anywhere else for that matter. :oops: Sorry but it had to be said.


Nomination words.... why MR K should win


Public voting for the award has now closed which is a shame and the winner from the 3 finalists for the 'Influencer' category will be awarded their 'winnings' tomorrow (Thursday) in London.


Shame we didn't know about it before now so we could have voted or even nominated people. I might have nominated myself (as you could do that apparently) or maybe I would have nominated Gary so I could earn some brownie points and get rid of my 'warning status' at last :lol:


I wonder who will win <_<

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Shites you are right there Cleo :oops: Yet again I've lost my days as they are all the same but that's what happens when I panic to fit two days 'work' into one cos I thought I'd been on here too much and had to catch up.


At least I have a free day tomorrow and thank goodness it is still only October :shock::lol:

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