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SPAR shop Robbery

Geoffrey Settle

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Our SPAR shop (Cinnamon Brow) was robbed again on Friday evening at closing time, I think that makes four in the last couple of years!!


The staff are great and shouldn't have to go through these attacks but as we read on Worldwide on a regular basis Warrington is a soft target.


On Friday the alarm was going for 2 hours before a passer by stepped in to instigate a rescue of two young lady staff members locked inside.


See Gary's report Front Page WWW

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I would imagine it's pretty hard to use a phone if you are tied up Bill :unsure::wink:


There must be a app for that. :twisted:



(Not a subject to joke about I know - I have every sympathy for the poor sods who had to go through this ordeal- just hope they catch the b******* who did it.)


I imagine there has to come a time when the shop owner decides it is no longer worth carrying on and closes down and the whole community loses out.

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Yep didn't read it right :oops: Seems they were locked in the store room.


Does make you wonder though if the store has been robbed this many times why their alarm isn't linked directly to the police or some private security company. Also given this, you'd have thought the local residents knowing the same might have thought to call the police?



Bill :)

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Agree bill They ideally need panic buttons in counter area and in store room directly connected to police silently of course.


At which point Cheshire police would snap into action


I imagine this would involve ringing the shop and when they got no answer- decide they couldn't confirm the incident and just send a Community Support Plod around in the next few days.


Or am I being cynical and they would be around faster than a speeding bullet - they do a wonderful job blah blah blah?

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