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Do you drive ? Would you pass ?


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I've been driving for 30 years. I have never had an accident (I touched wood at the same time as typing that).


I think I'm a pretty decent driver and know what I'm doing... or at least I thought I did. I've lost count of the number of times both my other half and myself have offered advice to our son and said 'Listen to us... we've got years of experience, you haven't, we know what we are on about !! ' o


Oh dear maybe we shouldn't have said that.


As our son is having lessons we have just bought the recomended 'Driving Test Complete' 3 cd learning package. Its the new 2011/12 version and has interactive tests and all sorts of great driving learning resources on it. Only £6 from Morrisons how good is that.


I did well on the road signs and thought this is soooo easy so jumped right in and did my 'Theory Test'


....and Miss Cleverclogs (me) just failed it TWICE (different questions each time though) :shock::oops:


Do you recon you would pass your theory test if you had to do one now ?


I'm going to do one of Hazard Perception tests now... so wish me luck :unsure:


Then I am going to start at the very beginning and refresh my 'driving' brain.

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Now that sounds like a good idea Obs and it would rid Warrington of virtually all it's traffic congestion. Peels could also swing as much as they liked.


Problem solved :lol:


You didn't answer though... Do you recon you would pass or is there no point as you fall into the psycho category :wink::P

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That's a very interesting point Dizzy. I think most parents take the online test when their offspring start learning to drive. I know I certainly did.


At the time I owrked for a large organisation and had the use of a company car. In order to bring the insurance premium down the company entered into an agreement where all drivers of company vehicles were assessed every two years.


Generally the assessments were done by retired Police instructors, (or that was the information we were given by the insurers.) The assessment would always take place in a town/area away from your home patch and lasted for four hours and included city and country driving. I generally had my assessments in Leeds or the Newcastle on Tyne areas.


The emphasis was more focussed on observation skills rather than vehicle handling although that was assessed as part of the overall package. The assessor would generally ask you to drive to several districts or places in sequence navigating by road signs map and common sense. Along the way there would always be questions such as "What was the colour of the third vehicle behind you at the last junction." I feel it really had a major impact on my observational skills and I learned a lot from the guys who did the assessing.

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Don’t want to put down any meaningful test that improves standards but questions like what was the colour of the car behind you at the last junction should be answered with it doesn’t really matter. Questions that have no relevance to the ability to drive or do a job correctly are just a total waste of time and effort and generally exist only to justify some artificial pass rate set by some overpaid jobsworth.


The taxi driver’s test here in Warrington for example is a classic example that's so full of such utter nonsensical questions it really does make the whole thing into a farce. If you don’t know how many people in Warrington are classed as disabled should you loose your job? Bank Quay Station is for all intents and purposes at the end of Wilson Pattern Street but you’d fail your test if you said that, as you would if you said the Holiday Inn was at the end of Manchester Road by junction 21.


Bill :)

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There were no silly questions like 'what colour is the car behind you' on the two tests I failed Bill they were mainly real driving type/road user questions and worst of all they were multiple choice 'click' answers and I still got some wrong and I only scored 84% FAILED :blink:


It certainly opened my eyes but that taxi test you mention does sound ridiculous.


I'll do another test later and jot some of the questions down. Maybe I'll get the silly questions next time and I'll pass with flying colours :lol:

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Bill & Dizzy, just to clarify a little. This was not a test of any description that I was referring to. Merely an assessment followed by debrief and points and reminders of where you should pay more attention in the future. I know the IAM offer similar assessments although I have never taken one of theirs.


I suppose getting asked what you refer to as the silly questions might indicate the assessor was trying to establish more information about the level of observation rather than trying to catch the driver out. The thing is the the information gained in the debrief at the end did stay with you and your carried it through in practice from then on.


One thing I know for sure is that when I passed my car test at 19 (57 now just for the record) I thought I was an above average driver. Now some 38 years later with additional motorcycle & HGV test under my belt, followed by a bi annual assessment for 12 years I reckon I'm almost average on a good day :unsure:

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I passed my motorbike test when the driving centre was around the end off bewsey road. (1976 give or take a year).


They asked five or six questions on road signs and then sent you round the block a couple of times before doing the emergency stop test, this was followed by a slow walk to see how you handled the bike at low speed and finally a few simple questions about stopping distances and what brake you would hit first in an emergency front or back and that was it.


On the strength of that I was bought a Reliant Rialto and handed the keys. "There you go Mr Sid" said the salesperson "if there are any problems just give us a ring" and that was that. never driven a car for more than ten minutes and certainly never driven a three wheeler and there I was on the road heading back from Winsford to Warrington and wondering if it would tip up on the corners.


Still only have the motorbike license but now have a four wheeled vehicle. More stable than a Reliant.:mrgreen:

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Rax Mac... appologies as for some reason I did not see your ealier post before I replied to Bill's. Another perception test failed too I guess :oops:


From what you say about your company assessments in both of your posts then I think that sounds like a really good idea.


It's all to easy to 'think' we all good drivers but a jolt every now and again would certainly serve to refresh and remind that maybe people like me who have driven for a long time are possibly not quite as good or observant as they think they are.


I have just done a 'hazzard perception test' on the disc by the way... I failed miserably in that too but as my pc would not run that bit as my graphics card has gone a bit wonky and my son was moaning about it too so I had to dig out two old laptops and try get those working so I could install it.


I suceeded eventually after two hours ... and then FAILED my test. Maybe that too goes to show that sometimes your day, frame of mind, lack of food and being p'eed off can also affect your patience, perception and driving skills :unsure:


I'm definately going to do this 'learning' too with my son as I now realise that maybe I am not that good anymore at all but that may be because I am stuck in my ways and never really drive in places that I am totally unfamiliar with unless I have a satnav of course.. and we all know what satnavs can do to a persons mind :shock:


Funny thing is that I got my insurance reduced today by using my usual renewal time tactics and all I could think of after saying I would remain with them for another year was "THANKS FOR THE REDUCTION... BUT IF ONLY YOU KNEW I'D JUST FAILED MY ...BLAH BLAH" :oops: Bargain :lol:


PS no time to check this for typos or nad spellings so yet another FAIL for me I guess B)

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Takes me all my time to pass water, let alone another driving test.


:lol: Mmmmmmm.... now that could be interesting. Get youself down to Morrisons Victor it could be the best £6 you have ever spent and may keep you off the roads for a while PHEW :P


Driving Test COMPLETE 2011/12 remember. There were two different ones but I don't think they had the 1960's version so either should be ok for you by the sounds of it.


Maybe a funnel, bucket, dipstick and spreadsheet would be more your thing though :P

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It would seem so Peter :lol:


I also agree with you Lt K and that is something I have always said to my son and others ie... 'you only really start to learn when you pass your test and get out on the roads and see what it;s really like '


But then those of us who have served our time and gained our experience over many years may not be quite as good as we think and may have become somewhat laxed due to time, over confidence, believing we know it all and of course not wanting to admit that maybe we could do with a recap ......that's all I'm saying :wink:


Hey... I just realised that only me and Rex are brave enough to admit that there's nothing wrong with a little refresher.


I'm actualy feeling quite proud about that and I must remeber to tell my therapist :lol:

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I've actually heard some drivers who won't take some routes cos they're not confident (EG: around Bridge Foot) or who won't drive on the M/Way - so much for having passed the test. Re-tests for all convicted driving offences, over 70's and perhaps a re-test every 5 or 10 years. Include a full medical and a psycho appraisal - and congestion is sorted, but would they have enough buses?! :D

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Re-take the test as many times as you like but it won’t make bad drivers into good ones.


I get to be driven about by three different people, all blokes, all experienced and no Dizzy, they’re not old codgers like me but they are all rubbish drivers (IMO).


Can’t say anything of course when they’re giving you a lift but all three drive like they’ve just passed their test and display no confidence.


Bill :)

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I'm not saying all people should re-take their tests Bill (although some people on the road certainly should take some sort of test like Obs says). I do still think a refresher, even if you just do it yourself, is a good thing.


Do you find you are a bad passenger in a car that someone else is driving Bill? You sound like maybe you are. I am with some people and I think it's the fact of knowing I have no actual control. If we go to Wales and my other half is driving I constantly tell his about every speed sign on every road and I watch his speedo like a hawk. He just says 'Thank you Hyacinth, why don't you have a sleep'. I really annoy my son when I do it though :unsure:


As for confidence well I think the way kids are being taught these days is geared around being confident, or as the parent of another youngster who has recently passed said to me last week 'they are being taught to drive agressively'.


Too much too soon in my eyes though as my son had to drive around busy islands and Winwick Road etc on his 3rd lesson. Scared the life out of him and he was white when he came back but now upto lesson 10 he doesn't seem bothered

in the slightest. They also seem to be encouraged to 'go' at junctions from the start if they think they can make it rather than to patiently wait. Maybe that's good... is it.. they are only learners though so I'm not sure. So after 10 lessons he's now been told he's now almost ready for his test. ERRM NO HE ISN'T, he's not even driven in the dark or the rain or anwhere outside of the 1 hours round trip throught the streets of Warrington, Appleton and Bewsey.


Sorry I am rambling.


PS Obs.... I'll own up, I am one of those pathetic people who wont drive on motorways. I hate them and I hate the idiot lorry drivers and lane swappers, they scare me. :oops:


I clearly need help. Maybe I should do the 'pass plus' course. Can I do that 30 years after passing my test :lol:

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This info from the Institute of Advanced Motorists might be of interest:


"DriveCheck is a short Driving Assessment aimed at everyone who is interested in safer driving but who doesn't feel they are (yet) ready to take the IAM Advanced Test.


DriveCheck applicants are put in touch with their local IAM Group who will in turn arrange a mutually convenient time for the assessment to take place.


It takes about an hour comprising an initial introduction (document check etc.), followed by a 35-40-minute drive with the Group observer, followed by a feedback session, at which the candidate will be presented with a written feedback form." Costs £25


Also take a look at the following links:




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I've just noticed Obs: comment about taking avoiding particular roads.


I changed my commuting route from Grappenhall to Runcorn about 10 months ago. With the increased fuel costs I began to encounter more and more cyclists through Stockton Heath, Walton and Daresbury. For some reason I always seemed to come across them at the most inconvenient point, I would eventually pass them only for them to come by me at the next junction so that I would have to wait for another safe opportunity to pass again.


Now I enjoy a run through Appleton Thorn , Stretton and Hatton. I see more wildlife, (Jays, Hawks and the like,) it's a slightly longer journay but my average speed has increased, my average mpg has increased and my mood has improved. All in all not a bad result :P

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