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Strange Place Names


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On the way to Altrincham the other day, I noticed a sign for the crematorium. It was down a road called Charcoal Lane.



I tryed to keep this a serious thread but I'm struggling. :D:D


Are there any other places in Warrington or elsewhere, with street names that seemingly reflect what is, or should be in them?


How about Pothole Crescent?


Or maybe that old chestnut, a police station in Letsbe Avenue.

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Can't think of any off the top of my head Wingy but still slightly on topic I have always though the road signs at the entrances to Walton Crematorium a bit odd.


At the Chester Road entrance there is a 'one way' sign and at the entrance near Walton Gardens there is a 'no through road' sign or 'dead end' sign as most people call them.


A tad incensitive maybe <_<:wink:

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My father once went to a cremation of a workmate at the Altricham Crematorium. He travelled with three other friends and as usual, they stopped at The Swan for a pint or two. When they checked the time, they found that they were late and couldn't possibly get there in time. One of the guys then got on the phone to the crematorium and asked if they wouldn't mind keeping him on a low light 'til they got there.

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Heard of a good one tonight (if you can call it that)



One youngish woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, burried all her skeletons and arranged her own funeral arrangements. She told her family where she wanted to be cremated, but when they asked for the address of the crematorium, she kind of skirted around the subject and said, you know where it is, it's where we went fishing last year and stopped off for a pub meal.


The woman eventually passed away, and the family found out where the crem was where she wanted to go, but couldn't understand why. It was only as they were leaving the crematorium that somebody noticed the name of the road where the crem was. It was in a road called Dagnalls End. The same name as the deceased womans surname. How's that for Great British Spirit?

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