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What would you do with the HJ?


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Good afternoon Rugby League fans.


Work is now well under way at the HJ with the devolvement of 2 corners.


I was wondering what stadium improvements other forum users would put in place at the HJ if they were in charge.


Improvements for me would be as follows:-


All 4 corners filled in.


Corporate boxes in the south stand to mirror the North stand.


Double tier North and South Stands with seats. Then use these stands as over spill for big games like they do at the KC stadium.


I think symmetry is important in stadium design as different sized stands look out of place. The above improvements will probably take the stadium to about 25k. That would make a good stadium for other uses. Concerts etc.


I know people will think that atmosphere will be lost because it will not fill up but history has proven with the HJ that “if you build it, they will come.”


We now get attendances only dreamed about when at Wilderspool. A 25K ground will attract more away fans and when Wigan, Saints, Widnes are in town I bet we would not be far off filling it. Certainly get more than the 13,024 we get presently.


What are your thoughts for the stadium? Imagine money is no object but think about time to do the work as the stadium will still be used.


Thank you.

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I'm of the opinion that all four corners should have been filled in at the same time..As the plans stand now the ground will have a lop-sided appearance. I can't see what would be gained by having any of the stands double-tiered. Only very occasionally would the demand be there, most weeks the place would only be half full detracting from the atmosphere. I'm sure that if there was a demand for concerts at the venue Simon Moran would have thought about that already greatly increasing his profits from appearances from that band lead by the fat lad from Frodsham.

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I'm just wondering, do the Council give the Wolves or the Town any money for this sort of thing? If so, how much more are Wolves getting?


Cantilever park is the only stadium that needs another stand. But we can't though now theres an azzy. :?


(I have no problems with that, apart from the fact it will be hard to find a stadium to share if we do reach the Football league. No terracing, and all Warrington Stadiums are terraced, and CP is right next to a canal so we can't make it bigger.)

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From what I'm led to believe the South Stand doesn't have the depth in the structure to make it possible to build boxes.


You would have to take the roof off and replace it further back. You can see the "space" for them from the outside. The boxes will go on the roof of the turn style entrance tunnels. I don't think it will look bad. It will look similar to the opposite North Stand. All of my favourite stadiums are symmetrical and I hope the HJ does the same.

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