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One for Harry Hayes....


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I'm not that old. Closed necks had gone out when I joined in 1955, although you wore them on nights.

Standing on the island was a thing reserved for the very few. As you know, there was nearly always a bobby at Market Gate by the police box. They ensured that no member of the public was allowed on and only the most senior PC's. would ever dream of standing thereon.(fingers in their lapels; king of the castle kind of thing)


We didn't always succeed in keeping new years revellers off the island, but they didn't stop there long.


The second photo is much older. The hats worn by CID men always amused me. Even in my day they wore them and travelled around town on very large bikes. Couldn't understand that.


Happy days

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I'm confused now as I'm sure I remember seeing police men dressed like the ones in the first photo and I was only born in 1964.


Obviously you know better than me though Harry so I am not questioning you but how come I remember seeing them ? What were the uniforms like in the l770's + were they similar ?

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You may well have seen them. Regulars wore them only on nights, as stated.

Special Constables wore closed necks for yonks afterwards. Think transport police did also.


1770s policemen? Haven't a clue. Was it about 1839 Robert Peel founded the modern police service?


Happy days

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