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Important Forum Question


Do you use the Forum/Topic NOTIFICATION facility?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you (or have you) uses the Forum/Topic NOTIFICATION facility?

    • Yes I use it and yes I receive my notifications by my chosen method
    • Yes I use it but I DO NOTreceive the notifications I should receive by my chosen method
    • I tried it but then disabled it as it filled my inbox
    • I use the 'Watch Facility' but it is set to send NO NOTIFICATIONS
    • I have never used it
    • What notification facility
    • Other
  2. 2. If you do currently use it please say what notification method you are using - or click N/A

    • N/A
    • Email
    • Personal Converstaion
    • Inline Notiifcation
    • Mobile

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Just a quick question and please reply....


Does anyone on here use the forum topic/posts 'notification' facility which can send an email, or whatever your chosen method of notification was, to you if a specific topic you are 'watching' gets new comments and you are offline or if a new topic is added under a specific section you are 'watching'?


If so is it currently working ok for you and are you receiving notification ? (Currenly meaning over the past 4 days)


Thanks Dizz

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I don't use it either for similar reasons... although I'm not retired (obviously) but am a sad and nosey gitess with too much time on my hands these days.


I really need to find someone who actually uses it though..... anyone ?

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As I suspected... Eagle why didn't you vote (or have you now as it's gone up) :lol:


On a poll the creator can't see who votes for what if that is what you are all worried about :P


Is it compulsory to vote in a poll? As a matter of interest I did vote in this one since it seemed a reasonable question, I don't even read the garbage polls from the resident Gallop.

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Goodness me it's not rocket science Victor... that's why I had to put N/A in the bottom question.


However you have actually used it for about an hour as you were my guinea pig remember? (but it didn't actually work for you). As that was a while ago and only temporary you should of course still click that you never use it :blink:


As for yours Eagle.. trust you :P It does just shows that multi question polls (or indeed questionaires) and the statistics gained from them can easily be misleading or manipulated eh :wink::lol:

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