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Radio Worm Live roadshow


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Originally posted by Dismayed:

News report :confused: :sleeping: :sleeping:


sorry but I had to say it... I started to doze there. Definately needs a bit more umph :sleeping:

Hi Dismayed - we are trying to support th elocal community by giving the students at the local university some work experience.

They are still babes in arms so be gentle.

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Originally posted by Gary:

Originally posted by Dismayed:

News report :o in which case hats of to them they are doing a great job and have some guts to be doing it on air. Sure they will gain some great experiences to help them them with their studies etc.


I appologise to them for my comment...... :bow:

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While it was disappointing we have been told it was a strong bid - and armed with new information we should have a better chance with our next bid.

In the meantime we will continue to deliver a true community radio station for Warrington online with a few other major developments up our sleeves.

Watch this space!

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