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On-line newspaper websites continue to grow


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Does that mean you're going to start charging us a subscription now Gary :lol:


I do tend to read all the main story national headlines via the internet but mainly the likes of virgin media main news / bbc news etc etc.


If something catches my eye (or if Obs posts one of his usual half info posts which makes me search :lol: ) they I may look/search on an online newspaper too.


I rarely actually read a full online paper though as its just not the same as flicking the pages of a paper copy over whilst having a cup of tea.


I do of course read every word of all news stories on youw wonderful online news pages though and also your regular monthly magazines.


That should suffice to get at least one of my 'warnings' status bars off

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Would that be new new readers or new old readers because the way I see it is that if readership is growing then it must have new readers unless you count old readers just reading more. :rolleyes:


Out of curiosity, is there an abc equivalent these days for the online stuff and if so, how does it work?


Bill :)

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I imagine they go off page hits/day, Unless they have done a survey I dont know how they would determine who was a new reader.

Lets say someone reads an online paper at home then goes to work and reads same paper at some point. Tracking would show a hit from both addresses but in reality its the same person.


I do believe that online daily newspapers in one form or another will take over from printed matter, particularly where the site is well organised and laid out. Cant say I am fussed with the clutter/cram it all on one page brigade though.

W-Ws' Full News Index Page is in my opinion an example of a well laid out news page (not the home page- I miss that out), Googles UK News Page and Guardian.co.uk are others

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