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No it's just that I've got so much work on just now even I have to go out and get my hands dirty.


The Lights are all done now and all the scary issues with the temporary set-up have gone. I sincerely hope there were no accidents, although I?d bet there are a lot of people with more grey hair now than before.


Got to say that the new lights have totally transformed this junction making it so much faster to get through. All the priorities have changed and the lights don't stay on for ages like they used to do.


Begs the question if they can speed up the flow at a busy junction like this, why can't they do the same at certain roundabouts where the lights have zero intelligence.


Bill :)

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Do you have some sort of issue you want to get off you chest CP?


I don't know who the heck you are but you seem to have taken some sort of offence to what I'm saying. So, please either explain yourself better or take your cryptic comments elsewhere.




Well that's true I supose. :lol:


Bill :)

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For the love of god, give it a rest :roll:


CP.. I asked Bill a question and he replied.


Unless of course your comment was aimed at me and I am the one you would like to see 'give it a rest'.


...... or are you just being a grumpy sod for the sake of it :P:lol:

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I don't know why I'm replying either...


I know Bill wasn't just replying to me CP but I did ask him a question and he replied saying that the problem was sorted and also that they new traffic lights are much better.


Can't see any 'bellyaching' in that.


I actually wish your other comment had been directed at me though 'kind ungrumpy sir' as it wouldn't have bothered me and I would have just smiled at you :D


Maybe next time eh :P:wink:

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CP once wrote:

If there are any moderators on here, can we please ban these idiots who seem to think its big and clever to de-rail threads.


As Gary once said


Don't bite :wink:


.........ooohh and Wolfie comes back with a fabulous curve ball out of nowhere............

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