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Local Honest Politician Yardstick?

Geoffrey Settle

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With the local borough elections less than 2 weeks away and most people on this site very weary of politicians, judging by posters comments :oops: . I wonder if there is a yardstick that you can use to measure the new shiny candidates by :( .


What questions will you be asking them when they come knocking on your door to see how they measure up?


Remember this is a local election so only local questions for local people please :wink:

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"as you are a politician and therefore a liar,......surely asking you questions is a pointless exercise? ..... now would you like to get off my drive before I set the dogs on you?"



Two questions from one statement!!

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They come at night when we are all asleep....... the canvassers approach like a talibany stealth donkey and creep up the paths of houses; darkened for the nights rest.........


then as if by magic, the morning light shines forth upon a positive plethora of new and unread political wafflings on paper which was once an unread doctors copy of Hello magazine....


destined once more to be recycled without being read; such is the life of a party leaflet.


Yet no more do we see the face of Crotty; idly pointing this way and that, imotalised on film for the purpose of advertising the failings of local opposition. No more will her face adorn the fake ballot boxes outside the polling booths..... such was the way of previous campaigns!!

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They'd have a job to find me. :lol: I did receive a letter through the post from one of the candidates. It never ceases to amaze me, that if you speak to them once or talk to someone who represents a particular party, they automatically think that you vote for that party. the mind boggles. :roll:

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