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What made you smile today? or even laugh

Geoffrey Settle

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I was on the bus this evening coming back from town and there was a really happy baby in its pram. :D


The thing was it kept laughing. He then started roaring with laughter just like the famous laughing policeman.


The more he carried on the more people started to smile and chuckle. He went on and on and it just made everyone go from smiles to laughter he was great fun.


We ended up on a very happy bus :lol::lol::lol:


What made you smile today :?: or even laugh

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Nothing so far today now I come to think about it :cry: ... maybe I'll go on a bus tomorrow :D


I know what you mean about giggling babies though.. really infectious eh and my little niece has me in giggles everytime I see her.... ahh there you go I just smiled :D


Cheers Geoff :D

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A few things did - a guy at work, who pretended to fall up some stairs, that made everyone laugh(cause we knew he was pretending and he did it well).


The lady from the front desk that called me but really meant to call someone else - as she was hanging up she said "OMG I am losing it today, and I said back to her - I already lost it "and we giggled for a bit.


A couple of young men walking down the street holding up their pants - that is always funny to me - the way they have to walk to keep them up!!


I walked into another office chattering away about a report to find I was talking to myself - that was quite funny!! :lol::lol:

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One thing that never fails to bring a smile to my face is watching my dog eating his dog biscuits.


He will carefully sort through them to find one he wants then very carefully pick it up carry it a few feet away and turn his back to everyone and sit and eat it noisily. It is the furtive way he does it that is so amusing as if it is something that he should not be doing and doesn't want anyone to know about. :lol:

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They say laughter is good for you but I nearly died laughing the other day as I watched my grandson on his trampoline. It?s only a small kiddie type thing with a handle for him to hold onto while he's bouncing.


So I say to him ?How many bounces can you do?? :roll:


Now your going to have to try visualise this part but he?s only three and a half and still uses his fingers to count, so there he was, doing his best to hold on while at the same time trying to keep count on his fingers. :lol::lol::lol:


If only we?d have had a video camera it was the funniest thing I?ve seen in years.


Bill :)

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