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They are rather annoying eh. Best bet is just to tell them they have rung a TPS line and quickly go and they remove you from their call database (unless they ARE scammers of course as they wont care) :shock:


Did you do 1471 and get his number as it may be listed on one of the 'whos called me' type websites.


We keep getting calls from a number and when my other answered twice they said they said it was about a loan I had with them... funny that as I've never had a loan with anyone.


Whenever I've answered it either just says an automated 'goodbye' or there is noise in the background like it's a manned call centre but no-one speaks.


The number that rings me has a veitnamese dialing code (I probably spelt that wrong :oops: ) and I would like to know who they are and to be able to speak to them myself :wink:

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I don't think there is a lot they could do Obs but maybe you/pieman should tell trading standards of your concerns over yours as they will add it to their 'watch out for' scam list which warns people and businesses.

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If I get those calls and am feeling in an evil mood I just keep saying "hello" as if I can't hear them. Amazing how quickly the phone goes dead. (oh %$?**&$?$ given my secret away will be plagued by them now) :lol::lol:


Of course there is always this method.


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I’m getting some pretty good phishing scam emails lately disguised as messages from Microsoft warning that my Hotmail account has exceeded the limit on emails. The appearance and wording is almost perfect so much so that I had to do some checks just to be certain.


The dead give-away of course is the fact that I can still send and receive emails despite it saying my account has been suspended. Other than that, hot is spelt with an o rather than zero and the link supposedly to their secure website is in fact to jasewigshairextensions.com


Point is that these are very, very convincing so watch out.


Bill :)

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I don't have a hotmail email account but thanks for the warning Bill and I'll pass that on incase any of my family/friends have them.


Might be worth you posting that on a new topic with a suitable title so it shows up on the board better and also on the front news page links :wink:

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