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Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden

Geoff Settle

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I can certainly recommend a vist this is a true Warrington Gem. web page


There are two parts:


The Kitchen Garden which is maintained by the Warrington Organic Wildlife Gardening Society. I'm sure they won't mind stopping work for a quit chat about what they are growing certainly Ian Fountain the visitor Warden will tell you all you need to know about the garden.


The 2nd area is the Pleasure Grounds and they are wonderful, ideal for taking your easel and spending an afternoon sketching or painting.


It's peaceful you could just sit relax and soak up the scenery and best of all it's all free.


Parking is a bit of an issue but if you follow the signs to the school and then continue around the next bend there is small car park.


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Hi Mike, I took ,my wife and dog Lucy up there on Sunday afternoon and met one of the wardens Bill Leah.


Had a really nice chat with the ex-farmer and he showed me around the facilities, classroom, kitchen etc. I've passed the contact details to the primary school where I'm Vice Chair of Governors and also St Bridgets. Both schools want to visit early next year but will have to book soon before word gets around and the rush begins.


As for the carving, from memory we spotted the mushroom, hedgehog, door mouse, oops the brain cells have given up I'll just have to go back again :)


You certainly have a wonderful place to visit and relax in.

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Hi Geoff, how are you, well I hope.


Not been there but am always looking around the area for places to walk by myself, with my new walking pal or with my neighbours dog etc and finding my way around, as you might know I moved to Grappenhall a year ago. I will have a look when chance.


Have you been around the Millenium woods? Its lovely.


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Originally posted by Geoff Settle:

Didn't know you'd moved after all you've been through you'll enjoy Grappenhall especially the Walled Garden.


I haven't heard of the millenium wood where abouts is it?

Big grassy woodland area at the bottom of Bridge Lane near Lumb Brook!
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Go over Stanny Lunt brindge towards village and then go down Broad lane then theres a private path which your allowed down and its down there. Not very clear that is it but you wont get lost, it was donated or somethinng by the WI.


Dont really like Grappenhall Hayes cos its all new and built on land that could have been left well alone in my opinion just like most of Appleton, having lived there for 23 years I really hate whats happened to it, I really do, it used to be rolling countryside and lovely walks and me and my sister used to go for miles on our bikes on little adventures but its horrible now, in case anyone really cares what I think :roll:

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Think I'm lost now but the Millenium Wood I went round the other Sunday wasn't at Lumbrooke - least if I was there I never knew I was, mind you we were walking for 2 and a half hours but we walked round and then went off somewhere else, Australia Lane leads to no where by the way, most disappointing.... :roll:

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I was having a drink in the Parr Arms after my long cycle ride last week and I think that I had just passed Autralia Lane/Canal Side Lane.


Maybe the Lane leads to the New Traveller's Lodge, hence the reference to rurn back?


Paul will know.


Milly given you live so close to Grappenhall Hall School please support them and their fight against the proposed cut backs.


[ 17.12.2007, 14:02: Message edited by: Student Geoff ]

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