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I am still pleased to say that I shall be out of the country and unable to take part in the little game. We had utter crap under the labour dictatorship, it does not seem to be any better under the Lib dems. Around here there is no alterative I expect theat they will be crawling from out of the woodwork soon asking for votes. We never hear or see our bloke and if he gets back in will be Mr Mayor next year so we see even less of him but no doubt be reading about what a super time he is having living the good life visiting all these countries that we are twinned with at pub lic expence.

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I would enjoy the expenses and even the job. But sitting round a table with load of self opinionated numpties who have no interest other than just their own person ego's and one upmanship is not for me.

I think that the whole basic organisation of local government is corrupt and full of lying toe rags who should be spending time behind bars rather than pouncing around trying to convince people that they are respectable.

It makes it even worse when they become puppets of an even more corrupt central government and do as they are told even to the detriment of the local people. For local councillors I would not call the fire brigade or lend water if the were on fire. They are beyond contempt. I am sorry if you are a local councillor but to get respect of the people you should lead by example.

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If decent holidays is what they are after, they certainly haven't chosen the best places to be twinned with.


Maybe places like Bali, Seychelles, Mauritius should be considered. :D


PS Although taking on the "tea" theme :wink: , Sri Lanka...although it can be a bit dodgy out there with the "freedom fighters"...or are they terrorists.


[ 11.04.2008, 08:52: Message edited by: Paul Kennedy ]

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Originally posted by observer:

Well Paul, as all of "the 3" main parties are pro-EU, it doesn't really matter how tactically one votes, one must vote for an anti-EU Party and hope other voters will be wise enough to do the same. :wink:

Which has nothing to do with local government.


We should only allow independants at local level and leave the party political tosh to the MP's.


The best man for the area should be voted for not because he is a tory or Lib Dem or one of the other lot who have screwed up the country for the past 10 years!

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Originally posted by Watercolour:

Does that mean you are supporting the BNP?

and as you ask that question... are you black? or gay or shall I continue to make further supositions like you are doing?


People can vote for whoever they like in this country... thats what millions of soldiers died for over the last 100 years or more. People who vote Labour might hate the idea of Europe but they would still vote for them. Some tory voters might not like the way Cameron is taking the party but they will still vote for them because they like their other policies.


Just because a person votes for the BNP doesn't make them bad. People in this country have a very real fear of uncontrolled immigration and the effect it is having on the country and its culture. Brown and his cohorts laugh off any suggestion that it is wrong and quote endless figures about how well the country benefits from all the Eastern Europeans that are now here (the country is still nose-diving into economic recession even with all these extra contributors.... lets see what happens next!!


All parties have no answer to ordinary peoples fears on this and other subjects and to some; the BNP offers that alternative. I am not saying it is right but that is a democracy. I mean Brown and Bliar have had a virtual dictatorship for 10 years so can it get any worse!!??

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