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Don't shout.

Peter T

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An article in yesterdays Mail( was bored).

Shout at your spouse and risk losing your home. It's just the same as domestic violence.


Men and women who shout at their partners risk being thrown out of their homes under a sweeping ruling by judges yesterday(Wed).

Raising your voice at a husband or wife or a boyfriend or girlfriend, now counts as domestic violence under the Supreme Court judgement.


Sensible or stupid?


Every couple must at sometime raised their voices, even just out of frustration.

Could be an awful lot of people on the streets.



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Well Peter if what you say is right then me and my other half had better pack both our bags tonight and throw each other out :lol::lol:


I shouting the same as raising you voice ?


He 'shouts' the loudest ...... I do it in a more controlled and 'quieter' way which I class as 'raising my voice'..... :wink:


So based on that will the judge let me stay or does the teenager, dog and goldfish get the house

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the thing that causes the most "problems" in the sid house hold is the answering of questions. :?


no not the awkward ones like "where have you been until this time of night,coming home stinking of beer and falling all over the place" :lol:


but the ordinary everyday questions like "what are you having for your tea" sounds innocent enough but when you have only just got one toe out of bed that sort of question is the last thing you want asked. the the body may be awake but the brain is still coming to terms with the fact that it is too early to be this early in the morning and other more pressing matters.


then there is the questions that are asked that require a long explanation such as "what pick ups have you got in the morning". this may involve several seconds to explain but can you get chance to explain. OH no before the first words have even had chance to be uttered it is "do you mind i am trying to watch this program and you are talking all the way through it" :shock:


if you do not want to know the answer then don't ask the question.( a policy that has served many of our more "successful" politicians in good stead) :lol::lol::twisted:

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How about you and me having a competition Obs....


I'll see how long I can go without talking on here and you see how long you can go without moaning.


Winner gets to ask Gary to delete the other person's account :wink:


Ready... steady... GO !! :D

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