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Is it just me


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Walking through St Thomas grave yard yesterday I strayed off the path... turned round and saw the back of an old crumbling sandstone grave stone :shock:


Is it just my vivid imagination or can anyone else see what I see :shock::oops: (I have not altered the photo at all)






And then I saw another one :shock:




I took this too as I thought it looked sad and eerie lying on the floor with the rain collected on the surface and the church reflecting in it :cry:







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to me the second one looks like a hooded figure with a largish bird sitting on their left arm.


as for the first one. at first glance i thought it looked like somebody in a halloween costume.

but on further study it looks like a man looking at a woman with a small child off to the right handing him an american football helmet with a star on it. :?

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Flippin' heck I can see all those too now you have said them :shock:


To me the first one immediately looked like the Grim Reaper rising up out of the grave :shock:


And the second one looked like a cloaked firgure with a very long thin nose and big crooked grin (on the left side of his face) and black spikey hair

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Ooooh Victor do you mean your couldn't actually see that :evil::lol:


I've been staring at the photos through squinty eyes and on odd angles... infact every way I could think of to trying to see what you could see... my eyes and neck hurt and now you tell me. :roll::lol:


You numpty :P I should have known eh... I liked you more before I 'knew' you :lol::lol:


Mary I still can't see yours either... please tell me you weren't kidding too :shock::oops::lol:

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