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Central Heating?


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There was a guy on Radio Merseyside the other day giving advice on this. Apparently it is better economics to warm the whole fabric of the house and keep it warm than to blast warm it for a short period, or to just heat one room. So I would say its better to have the heating on low for a long period than high for a short period. :D:D

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Yep low all the time apparently Obs... must admit though that ours is still on the timer for going off in the day and night but I keep overriding the day time setting (don't tell my other half :lol: ) but we still have it off at night.


Benefit of living in a terrace though is that the neighbours heating helps with the side walls :wink:


Dreading the next gas bill though... it's going to be HUGE... no winter allowance fuel payment for us 'youngsters' :wink::shock:

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The economics can go either way. It depends on how fast your house loses heat - how well insulated your loft is, and whether you have double glazing, and how much of a temperature difference there is between the temperature you're trying to maintain and what it is outside - and how long the house is empty for at a time.


If your house loses heat fast, or if you're out for more than just a normal working day, you're usually best leaving the heating off (or just on a frostguard setting) when you're not in, then having it crank up an hour or so before you get home.


If you're well insulated and not out for extended periods then keeping the central heating on a lowish setting all the time and topping up as required when you're home will usually work out slightly cheaper.


Easiest way to find out which is best for your own house is to try each for a few days and take meter readings to compare.

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nearest thing i have to central heating is a three element gas fire in the downstairs rooms. current temp in my back bedroom ,where my computer is, is 17.6 c. front bedroom is about three degrees cooler.


however keeping warm at night is not a problem. a thirteen tog duvet and a menopausal wife soon warm the bed up :shock::shock::oops::oops::lol::lol:

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Good points Inky.... I might try that.


Have to giggle though as my poor dads been having his double glazing installed today... doors wide open, gaping holes where the windows came out... should all be finished by Thurs... just as the temperature rises and the weather gets better :lol::oops::lol:


Hope he sees the benefits and hasn't frozen by then :shock::lol:

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