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Anyone remember the series called, The Choir?


Choir Master Gareth Malone went around the country's houseing estates putting qhoirs together. This clip features South Oxey. Just shows what can be achieved with a bit of cooperation as it brought the whole comunity together, and all in 6-8 weeks. At the end of the series Gareth agreed to be there permanent Qhoir Master.




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It was a great series and I also enjoyed a subsequent one where he took secondary school pupils and trained them to be able to sing in an opera. This was a life changing experience for them, but it became clear to me as a musician that there must have been a lot of extra training going on in between the sessions we saw on the TV. This doesn't detract from the acheivement but I would have liked to see more of this training being acknowledged rather than the impression given that everything took place in the very short time scale shown.

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Is there no end to your tallents Wingy :lol::lol: Maybe you should get yourself along to the Golden Square and liven things up a bit.


Maybe some of us can join you if we have any special tallents too :wink: Has anyone got any :shock:


What could we be called? Would have to have some reference to this forum or Warr WW... over to you.


I never watched the choir programme by the way.

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