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BOO !!


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It's halloween tomorrow and I'm really missing 'LymmParent' and the chats we've had in the past re ideas for nice suprises for the kiddies :evil::twisted::shock::lol:


I can't do pickles covered in choloclate again.....


I can't do the 'scarecrow' with the bowl of sweets and sign saying 'please help yourself' as my 'scarecrow' has now grown up and refuses to sit outside for hours with straw shoved up his sleeves and trousers legs, towels shoved down his dads oversized jumper (which now fits) and a hairy rubber full face mask that smells and itches....


The home made limb with protruding bones and blood is old news now too.....


Swinging spiders that dropped when the trip line was disturbed failed after the first victim last time as the little squirt took the spider thinking it was a pressy... how could I forcibly take it back of such a tiny little chap dressed as a bat :oops:


So any ideas or is there only me that is still a big kid :lol::shock::lol::oops:

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Here's one for you wingy.....


Relax and concentrate on the 4 small dots in the middle of the picture for approximately 30 seconds. Now look at any smooth single colored wall. You will see a circle of light developing. Start blinking your eyes a couple of times and you will see a figure emerging. What do you see? Moreover, who do you see?





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