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Local opposition.


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See the local Labour opposition on the Council are queuing up to criticise the ConDem Council for "the cuts", plus the ever present sniping from Mrs Vobe - it's quite surreal that the Party that spent it's way into so much debt, are now criticising those who have to deal with it. Wonder if the voters will have such short memories too?! :roll:

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The issue is whether the ConDem executive really has a grip on things or whether it's slash and burn without thinking where savings can be made. Exec members don't always seem on top of their portfolio.
Of course they don't. Prime example is the needless widening of the pavement (by a foot) from Great Sankey HS to Burtonwood Rd roundabout, that has taken a number of weeks, and must have cost multiple thouasands to do. Utter disgrace.
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But FS,


that will be so they can tick the box of some more bike lanes because it is guaranteed that will be the next thing; the white line bike lanes along the whole run. To service bikes that don't use the route I guess!

Oh I'm fuylly aware of why it's there Baz.


It's funny, but even the bicycling nutter in chief says that bike lanes are dangerous, and admits he doesn;t use them as cycling on the road is safer.


So I have to ask, why isn't he so vociferous in his appeals to the council to stop wasting money on stuff for cyclists that cyclists don't want or use, as he is in obstructing motorists at every turn?

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these cycle routes were funded by eu and agreed by the last government. I agree this is a total waste of money but you must appreciate that the people who authorised them envisage masses of cyclists using them to gaily go to work, school, shopping whatever as people used to do in 1930.


This then allows them to use uncongested roads.

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