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Ooooh the Dancer is back


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Those of you who are local will know who I mean.


Considering the 2 year CRASBO that he was given last September which is supposed to run until September next year which bans him from drinking and dancing etc etc etc in the area he has reappeared seeming worse than ever :shock::cry:


I have nothing against this guy and have spoken to him many times in the past ... but he does scare me a bit now and from what I've seen of him over the past week he WILL cause an accident in his present state of mind.


He was really bad today :cry:

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Dancing in town centre at 7am today... Stockton Heath swing bridge at 10am ish then up near the Stag at Walton all afternoon again looking even worse for wear and in the middle of the road when I saw him :shock: ..... then Chester Road later on at tea time near the car wash on his way back to town apparently.


He was near the Stag the other night too sat on the floor.. luckily for the teenagers who were laughing at him he couldn't get up to give them the wack they probably deserved :shock:


Seen the police with him quite a few times too but it doesn't seem to stop him but cant help but wonder what the point of giving him a CRASBO was in the first place.


I do feel sorry for him but he just doesn't seem to want to be helped and like I said he seems a lot worse now.


Sad :? :cry

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I was talking to him at weekend for over half an hour. He was sat under a tree sheltering from the rain on our road.


He had been moved on for playing his guitar near the village, which upset him and then a bloke had a right go at him for dropping a bit of paper..... which upset hime even more and he kept apologising.


He actually started crying twice when I was talking to him (was it something I said :shock: )... anyway after playing me a few songs and having a big heart to heart about the world, war, starving kids, alcohol, anxiety etc he cheared up and gave me a hug :shock::shock:

I am an inspiration to him apparently and he's going to write about me in his book :lol::shock::lol:


By his own admission he suffers from anxiety, depression and is a chronic alcoholic and he wishes he could stop drinking but he can't.


He actually seems a very caring man, is fantastic at drawing, carries a bible round with him and from the sounds of it has seen some rough and heartbreaking things in his life :cry:


It's such a shame that there is no-one or nowhere to help people like Chris (we are now on first name terms :wink: )... but then again maybe he doesn't really want helping as it's the life he now knows and he also knows he's screwed it up..... which is why when money was raised for him he asked for it to be given to the a local children's appeal instead.


But having said all that ... yes he does still scare me when he is very drunk and I wouldn't dare talk to him then and yes he may cause an accident through his dancing as it is a distraction to those who are not used to seeing him ! :shock:

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He refuses help now because he knows he can't be helped as every time he has been he's always fallen back to his way of living as it's only a short term drying out fix... so he'd rather money was spent or help given to others instead.


Suppose you can see his point really as it can take years for a cronic alcoholic to get 'better' even if they really want to and that's will full time support which obviously is not an option for him.


Anyway such is life eh and I'm sure he doesn't cost us rate payers a lot really compared with some other peoples antics.

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:shock: Saw him on Wednesday sat on the bench opposite the Halo Club complete with his bags and belongings? iam i right in believing that much of this is down to a great tradgedy in his life where someone he was with died suddenly and are buried/cremated at Walton Lea hence he is often seen in that area opposite the crematorium ? :cry:


I wonder what he has been through that has led to his current situation?? Life is cruel

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Not like him not to be singing and dancing :shock::?


Indy I think it was his mum and sister who died although I thought they were buried up at Hill Cliff and yes thats apparently why he choses to live in his tent up Walton drag... so he can see them :cry:


When I taked to him the other week he told me that he is an ex marine and got quite upset about the yougsters of today who think joining the forces and being trained up is sort of 'cool' and a good career path.


He vividly remembers the shear horror of having to pick dead and severely injured women and children up of the streets and said until they have to do that themselves they have no idea what war is really like :? He said 'what is it [war] all for and WHY.. ?' Then he cried :cry:


Very sad.

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I understand that the authoriies have offered to help Chris but he doesn't want to be helped, so he keeps on moving around, being arrested, dried out and then just returns to his preferred lifestyle.


I wonder how much this is costing the rate-payers each time?


a few quid more than likely....

nothing to get excited about anyway...


there are far far bigger wastes of money going on in this town than "helping" this chap out every now and again.


when he is drunk he can be very nasty (personally, I have had rude comments directed at me without provocation) and needs to be dealt with in some way.


to be fair in respect of "being dealt with for being drunk" he's at the back end of a very long queue in this town.... I'm not aware he's been involved in drunken brawls down Bridge st or outside the Mullberry tree....


or is he not good for house prices over the water.....

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As I think Peter said earlier,The hospitals were not perfect, but some one like him could have been locked up in one, so he could not damage himself or more importantantly anyone else. Its down to money in the end, how much value do we put on a human life, either the person who is ill or the person they might hurt or kill if left out on the streets. I will be honest I do not like the idea of locking someone up who is ill for the rest of their lives but at the end of the day what else can we do.

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He has been arrested for brawling with police and cars, not sure where in particular, but does that matter? Anyone who behaves objectionably through drink, wherever it happens, should be dealt with.


A good way for him to get shelter for the night. The obvious isn't always the reason. I have not heard that he actually "hit" any police officers.

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Peter he did once hace a scuffle with a couple of officers when they tried to arrest him and they had to pin him to the floor but that was a long time ago :shock:

He also had a rather heated vocal conversation from a distance with some officers near the skittles in Warrington a year ago (prior to getting his CRASBO)


I think he's mellowed a bit now though :lol:


silverlady54 I'm suprised that he was rude to you without any provocation as he has always been polite (in a drunken way :wink: ) whenever I've seen or spoken to him over the past year.


He can be a bit vocal with those who are vocal to him though and he did have a few 'words' to say to a group of teenagers (but nothing too OTT) a month ago but they actually deserved it and I would have given them a thump for their appauling behaviour if they had done it to me :twisted:

Good job he didn't though as he's a big chap :lol:

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He was having a drunken rant at the time, sat on a bench just opposite our house as I got out of my car and went into the house. I don't know if someone had complained about him to the police but he definitely was directing his comments about people in big houses at me!! It isn't a very nice experience to feel threatened outside your own house and I wasn't going to confront him. (It wasn't a big house anyway!)


I have never rung the police to complain about him as I have some sympathy with him, although my tolerance was stretched at times after 3 hours of hooting from passing motorists! I have also seen the other side of him when he asked for a length of string to keep a stray dog safe one day.

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