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  1. a few quid more than likely.... nothing to get excited about anyway... there are far far bigger wastes of money going on in this town than "helping" this chap out every now and again. to be fair in respect of "being dealt with for being drunk" he's at the back end of a very long queue in this town.... I'm not aware he's been involved in drunken brawls down Bridge st or outside the Mullberry tree.... or is he not good for house prices over the water.....
  2. wow I remember the dredgers on the Mersey but they stopped them at least 20 years ago.... they were big boats with a massive claw type bucket that picked up the foulest black sludge you could ever wish to see. My 6 year old son would have loved them... they mainly dredged the run off from Chester road to the small locks at the back of Cranbourne avenue opposite the old timber yard.... we used to play under the non swinging bridge there and the river was just as wide as the rest of the mersey. now its probably just all mud certainly not a river anymore makes you feel old when what was a pretty treacherous piece of river is now mainly trees bushes and a mud patch... and I have recently said "I remember when this were all fields"
  3. Offer to pay a decent living wage, perhaps???? http://www.reed.co.uk//job-details/Warrington/Telesales-Executive/?JobID=17937653&pg=4&nr=900&set=1&ns=True&ps=200&lit=2&WT.mc_id=Agg-Indeed Times have changed then havent they when ?300 a week is no longer a decent living wage imagine working for 18 thousand pounds a year when you can get that doing nothing on Benefits
  4. I love the BNP's "British jobs for British workers" line. what it should really mean is ..."British Benefits for British wasters" British people have no interest in taking the low paid jobs like the Telly sales or the Warehouse jobs.....they'd rather stay at home on Job seekers allowance and the rest of the freebies they can get...let the poles and The latvians do the hard work. ....or maybe the BNP could kick out the "foreigners" and then be fordced to reduce the benefits system so the British wasters would have to get off their backsides and take these jobs that they currently wouldnt get out of bed for...... todays story about a White British Waster from Howley convicted today for stealing 37 grand's worth of benefits and going on the holiday of a life time reassures me that we should continue the witch hunt against poles and Latvians earning a hard days honest crust......
  5. Been a long time since I agreed with anything you've said obs, but you're spot on here. The only way the public will ever support public transport is if it can pick you up at your door, and take you to exactly where you want to go, just like your car. A lot of lip service is paid to token support for better public transport, but in reality what most of us want is greater public transport use by everyone else, so we can get quieter roads all to ourselves. I think all we want is just something a bit better than primitive transport... I travel into manchester by car, The fuel and parking costs per week are exactly the same as the weekly return train fare...... from front door to office the car journey is on average 10 minutes longer (admittedly this is due to a long walk from train station to office -otherwise the Train journey would be considerably quicker). however after 2 weeks of train travel that was enough for me.... for ?35 just once or twice it would have been nice to have had the luxury of a seat..... and for those crying about global warming....a zero emmision car we'll all be driving soon.... http://automobiles.honda.com/fcx-clarity/
  6. like the nonsense at the end of Manchester Road... I dont go that way to work due to the long queues but sometimes come home that way ...and I noticed they had done some road works and made a filter lane to turn left towards kingsland Grange used it on Friday great... dead easy no need to give way just turn left and join the dual carriage way.... this morning.... lengthy queues and that fine new shiny bit of road ........???? all Coned off....... genious.....somebody probably realised it worked so order the cones out quickly..... then dont even mention that road "widening" on Lythgoes lane at the back of Wickes.... in parts the Road has been Widened a whole 10 inches....!!!!!!
  7. you wouldnt make jokes about the town centre bombings ...(or would you) so why think its ok to do so about mumbai.... I would imagine you were a real barrel of laughs around 9 11.......
  8. well done to the four out of 57 councillors that could be bothered to turn up to pay respect to our War veterans. This isnt some Eastern bloc celebration of our fighting capabilities its an appreciation for our War heroes both living and dead. When honouring our War dead its one of the few times I feel pride in our country and for the vast number of Councillors not to turn up for this event is shocking....( i didnt even realise we needed 57 councillors anyway). the remaining 53 councillors should all be made to stand in the golden Square selling poppies then next time they might not be so quick to show a lack of respect. and as for councillor Patels remark that not every councillor is a Christian and feels comfortable attending a church service....its an absolutely disgusting excuse... i'm sure what our war veterns have experienced was certainly not Comfortable....and I would have no problem in honouring them in any form of religous building... I hope he finds the two minutes silence on the 11th much more comfortable and to his liking..?? Well done to the attendees Graham Welborn, Keith Bland, Sheila Woodyatt and George Warburton.
  9. Come on thats ridiculous....these lorries and Vans arent "parking" there.... they are Works traffic, the drivers arent nipping to the Shops or having lunch in a fancy wine bar.... you probably never saw anything wrong with the traffic warden that was in the news a few years ago for putting a ticket on a hearse...It was ok as the coffin wasnt in it at the time....!!!! [ 12.10.2007, 12:51: Message edited by: Bick ]
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