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Jammy Saints


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Wouldn't call them jammy, fair play to them and let's be honest it's our own faults that we've finished third.


Twice this year we led with 6 points and twice we lost that lead, then we led with 32 points difference and even managed to f*** that up to.... Well done Saints when there backs against the wall and they have a job to do they go and do it.

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I don't see how we can complain about them finishing above us int he table when they did the double over us :?

We now have one last chance to bury the Saints hoodoo at Knowsley Road.

Is it best to lose their next weekend and then be at home to the winning team from the lower half of the draw - and win that and then face another trip to Knowlsey Road OR win next weekend, have a week off and then probably have to face saints again at home?

What are the chances of beating Saints twice - because in reality that is what we are going to have to do to make the Grand Final. :shock:

Just think if we had won at bottom of the table Catalans by a decent score and drawn with Saints at home :roll:

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I'm not complaining with the season as a whole, I think we've done really well but don't see a double winning side just yet, maybe next year.


I personally don't think we'll beat Saints at all but if we were to beat them at least once it needs to be the second game so we make the final, I also think if we were to get to the final we'd win it regardless of who we play, getting there is the hard part for us.


Looking back over the year it's been a good season but we've bombed some points to be fair like KR away, Cats away, Wigan at home, Leeds at home... for me these games were more than winnable and we'd be in a far better position going into the play-offs.


Like I've said in another thread we were twice 6 points ahead of Saints and ended up behind them, looking at that point alone, that isn't good enough.

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