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Save Ringo's House?


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In answer to Obs original question....


NO ! Cant see and 'day trippers' wanting to go and look round it as he only lived there for 3 months anyway and it's been borded up and derelict for years :roll:


But fans are going mad as they say it's part of Liverpools heritage ? Why ?


There's even been talks about having the whole house moved to the Liverpool museum :? Why ?


And the national trust apparently already own Lennon and McCartney's childhood homes :? Why ?

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I have to say I was listening to the debate on radio two earlier today and my opinion flipped from one side to the other depending on who was talking.


I'm not normally caught on the fence.


BTW turns out that 3 months was council spin (in favour of rejuvenation) we all know about that don't we he was actually born there and lived until he was five years old.


so save it


but then the visitors aren't paying tourist as there's no attraction just a dilapidated house without foundations and rotted throughout, people from the area have been promised a rejuvenation for 17 years


So knock it down


All the other Beatles birthplaces are part of national herritage


So Save it.


But its entire frontage has already been replaced so its hardly the origianl building


So knock it down.



(just re read this and the fact the council lied to get their plan into action gets right to my nerves as I see this so much so final word SAVE IT).

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It should be demolished.

And as to the National Trust owning Lennon and McCartney's homes, they should be sold.

I am a member of the National Trust and I nearly resigned when I heard they had bought these houses. They are just typical Liverpool council houses. The National Trust should stick to stately homes, country estates, coastal paths and areas of natural beauty.

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