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Prediction - Cats


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Wolves 19-man squad to face Catalans: Vinnie Anderson, Ryan Atkins, Lee Briers, Garreth Carvell, Jon Clarke, Mike Cooper, Simon Grix, Ben Harrison, Chris Hicks, Matt King, Richie Mathers, Tyrone McCarthy, Lee Mitchell, Michael Monaghan, Adrian Morley, Richie Myler, Chris Riley, David Solomona, Ben Westwood.


Should have enough fire power to do the job here and set down a marker for the Cup.


Cats 14 Wire 38


MOM Monaghan

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Defeat for the Wire.


Last weeks tough game will tell on the wires plus the catalans got a public roasting from their coach after their terrible performance last week so they will be fired up for this one.


Ian Millward, who gets it right on a regular basis, has tipped a catalans win in the sportinglife too.


I just hope we dont get hurt as I reckon the catalans will be targeting our key players in the hope of putting them out of the semi. Thats why I think Monaghan should be rested, I really fear for him in this one.

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According to Tony Smith, Matt King is unlikely to play tomorrow.


During training Simon Grix has been playing in King's position.


King has been doing 'extras' in case he's needed.


(Source: local press)


I think it's 50/50 for us to win this one. I hope we come out on top.

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Think Tony got this one wrong and rested to many players... Louis and King would have made a difference in defence and although yes a big game is coming up next weekend you can afford to rest players when your chasing the leaders with only five games left.


Mathers, Atkins and the Wire defence was terrible at times and needs to sharpen up in time for Saints.... The players were given three days off last week to do as they please so I'm not accepting they were tired as a legitimate excuse. What cost us the game was far to many pens, to many errors and shoddy defence.


Were now four points behind Wigan again and can kiss goodbye to winning the league, if we lose on Saturday which i think we will then we can also kiss goodbye to second spot.

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Deary me what a negative post from Latchford.


Mr Smith has consistently adapted the strength of our team to the strength of the opponents in the hope of having enough to get the win. He has got it right more often than not this season.


He had no choice but to rest bodies last night given that the next two games are absolutely massive. We only just failed to pull it off.


We will be at full strength for Saints and hopefully we will win but all the games against the top 3 or 4 are going to be tight so it could go either way.


If we had put our full team out last night we would get murdered by saints next saturday. At least we have given ourselves a chance.


I see saints have been 'resting' players again, no doubt that they will all make miraculous recoveries in time for the game against us- they love it dont they.

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Warrington are 80 minutes from Wembley and in their best league position for years - thgere is just some no pleasing some people :roll:

We were never going to go from 9th to 1st in one season - as it is we will finish 2nd or 3rd, have a good chance of a another Wembley final and a good bash at the play offs. That is a big step forward from where we were two years ago!

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Could it be that prior to the game with the Frogs Mr Smith had given up the opportunity of finishing top ? Hence the rested players. Perhaps he considered it to be not worth the risk of injuries to put us at a disadvantage in the remaining games of the season. It would be nice to finish top but it isn't much of an advantage in regard to the play-offs. Wigan can't be caught now but it's vital we finish second.

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