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I got a card from Alex Ferguson tonight begging me to vote Labour. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't they? :wink::wink::wink:


My other half got a Labour one with Ross Kemp on (who he hates but I think is rather yummy)... along with support from Jo Brand, Ezzy Izzard and some other commedians... I'm saying nothing :lol:


Noticed Simon Cowell is backing the Conservatives today though :lol: Saying that he's rather yummy too... and is very rich.. and people only listen to his vote and reasoning behind it....and I like music.


Simon Cowell for Prime Minister it is then :lol:


With Richard Branson and Bill Gates as advisors.... problem sorted :lol:

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Only for TV, yer wouldn't know there was an election on - are they scared of the public or something - wonder why?! :wink:


What a load of tosh Obs..... I have lived in Westbrook for 14 years now and in all that time I have only managed to have a chat with one canvasser and that was Kevin from the Lib Dems a week or so ago.


None of them canvas and haven't for bloody years (unless of course you count sitting outside the stadium in the town centre during the day when most people are at work of course)


The last actual politician I recall seeing come to our front door was when I was a kid and Roy Jenkins was touting for votes (when he was standing for the SDP) in our street in Bewsey.


My dad was on the front washing the Granada and Mr jenkins was on the other side of the street knocking on doors when one of Jenkins' lackys came over to ask my dad if he would be voting for Mr Jenkins........ "does he favour a return of capital punishment?" asked my dad........ The lacky went white and spluttered "He most certainly does not......"


"Well tell him to stay on that side of the street then..." was my dads reply!!


Sticks with me to this day!!

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Canvassing door to door was for the time when people actually enjoyed conversations and not everyone had access to the internet. Don't forget that even in the 70s, it was normal for women to be at home raising kids, so 50% of your voters were there all day and might be persuaded by a nice chat. Now, it's a complete intrusion to have some twonk knock on your door at teatime and want to pester you with drivel about speed bumps and VAT increases when you've both worked all day.

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Peter, I would never place anything on here that you needed to censor. If I use a bad word for comic value or exasperation, I put *s in it myself. I have no objection to bad language per se, but personally, I don't think it belongs anywhere near children, so on an open site with no age limit, I just wouldn't. Twonk is a mild and meaningless word, like Nerk or Numpty. I don't think they are exclusive to Lymm, but we certainly have a lot of them driving 4x4s round the place! :wink:

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Can't believe you dont know what a twonk is Peter :lol::lol:


I've led a very sheltered life so far.

I even have to have some of my wife's words translated. Mind you, she did grow up in Weaverham, having moved from Warrington.


But I am always willing to learn.


LP, My censor comment was tongue-in-cheek. :wink:

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Probably too tame for you. It didn't reach the levels of Lymm Rugby Club or the Social Club at Pickmere Lake.


Told you before, I only went to LRC once, as a guest at a very genteel 18th party. Not even a scuffle in the Car Park. Less aggro than a Polling Station..... :twisted:

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