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Did the lights go out for you too


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What was that then..... anyone else just experience that (approx 9.35pm) :lol:


Lights and everything went off for about a second and on back on .. pc shut down and restarted itself..and in the distance I can hear dogs barking and house alarms going off and.


Comes to something when the most exciting thing to happen to me today worth chatting about is a split second tiny power faliure or a surge eh :lol::lol::lol:

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Very very very bored indeed Indy (can you tell) :wink::lol: ...


...and just as I'd started to do something interesting 'it' happened and my pc suddenly restarted itself and I lost my thread completely.


I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOO BORED... I think I need a complete change of direction in my life !!!!! :lol:

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never noticed it but we did have a "brown out" the last week round the bewsey area.


i think that was responsible for my DVD recorder going pop. can't prove it though and have not yet found out what caused it.


thought it was just the light bulb going at first but when i turned one of the other lights on that was flickering and buzzing as well. lasted for about twenty seconds and was really spooky. bit like a scene from a horror film, all the lights in the house flickering just before the door bursts open with a crash and a dark figure appears in the doorway.


ooh I've frightened myself now :shock::shock::oops:

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Never heard of a 'brown out' ... apart from in the political sense of course :lol:


So is a 'brown out' a real electricity term or just words you use to describe what physically happens to you when you are feeling frightened :lol::wink:

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