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Phew Liverpool win derby game 2 -1

Geoff Settle

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Phew Liverpool just won a great match today and scored all three goals!


Lot's of incidents and controvercial decisions by the ref. Didn't he have trouble finding his red card just as well Stevie G knew where is was :wink: ?


And what a save by the captain, pity he wasn't in goal.


Still not out of third gear yet but fourth in the league hope they wake up before the mid week match or they'll be out of Europe this time next week :roll: .

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In the immortal worlds of Bill Shankley "We wuz robbed". The Dutchman should have been given an immediate red for his attempted assault on Neville, Gerrard should be hauled up in front of the International Court of Justice for 1. a blatent dive and2. telling the referee what colour card to show Hibbert following 1. and 3. Everton should have been given a penalty at the end for the assault on Lescott by Carragher. In addition the fat Spaniard should be given lessons in the rules of football before being allowed to utter another word to the media. Of course it goes without saying that the referee should be investigated by the FA for fitness to be .... errrm A REFEREE!! A total disgrace. Apart from that it was quite a gripping game that Everton won morally if not actually. :x:x:x:x:x

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Liverpool were dreadful, The way Rafa had the team set up was pathetic , if he had used the wide men from the start it would have been a better game.


The first penalty was correct Hibbert took Gerrards right foot away and down he went, but I do not agree with Gerrards action to the ref.


The Everton claims for a penalty were also correct Lescott was hauled down in the box , but I can only assume that the refs view was blocked and therefore he couldnt give it.


Unless Rafa starts to settle the side by playing a regular team we will win nothing this year.



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Everton fans have put a petition on the internet for people to sign to get Mark Clattenberg banned from refereeing for life. I think some of those fans have short memories. i.e. last year when they beat Liverpool 3-0 with 2 disputed goals, and Liverpool being turned down for 2 stonewall penalties. But then Liverpool havent won a Derby legitimately for the last 40 years according to them


Regarding Andy Grays comments about referee changing card to red after 'alleged' comments from Gerrard (no- one knows exactly what was said) which didnt help the situation. I dont remember Andy passing comments when

Alex Ferguson, swore at the referee for everyone to see in the United / City game " that it was a fu....ing red card" . But then Andy is an Everton fan forever, and a Man. Utd lover.


He often doesnt show impartiality when commentating, and lets his true loyalties show.

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Peter Reid was indeed understandably PIG SICK at the result, but it is a well known fact that Andy Gray, despite the fact that he won his only honours at Everton, is more of a Liverpool fan than for the true representatives of the city of Liverpool (Everton if you don't get the drift, which you wouldn't if you are a Liverpool supporter) :onfire: :onfire:


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