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  1. I can only remember Rex Jones's bike shop, (previously Pembertons) at the corner of Winwick Street and Foundry Street... Didnt realise it was at corner of Queen St.
  2. Gleesons Lodging House, that was on Bank Street
  3. Hello again Von, Was looking back at some of the old post, and on one of them you mentioned that your name was Ronnie Keeley. I phoned Anita back, and she thinks she remembers you now. Cheers.
  4. Von, I remember Alan & Anita Taylor from the 1950's. I used to live near them. I have phoned Anita to let her know that you are trying to find her, and she has asked me to pass on her address and phone number to you. Sadly Alan died in the early 1970's at the age of 32 yrs. Anita couldn't bring to mind who you are, but would love to hear from you to find out. I have sent her phone number and address to your email address.
  5. The last time my bin was emptied I was upstairs ironing. I watched the collector slap a sticker on my bin (BEFORE EMPTYING IT). He then took the bin to the wagon to be emptied. When he put the bin back on the footpath, low and behold the sticker had gone into the machine with the rubbish. So did my next door neighbour's sticker. I had to ring the depot to find out the details of the next collection days. It would made more sense to put the sticker on as it was returned to the footpath., or make sure it is stuck on more securely.
  6. How about Paul Stewart & Jamie Rednapp
  7. Everton fans have put a petition on the internet for people to sign to get Mark Clattenberg banned from refereeing for life. I think some of those fans have short memories. i.e. last year when they beat Liverpool 3-0 with 2 disputed goals, and Liverpool being turned down for 2 stonewall penalties. But then Liverpool havent won a Derby legitimately for the last 40 years according to them Regarding Andy Grays comments about referee changing card to red after 'alleged' comments from Gerrard (no- one knows exactly what was said) which didnt help the situation. I dont remember Andy passing
  8. PROBLEM IS, WHERE TO START. I dont think I have ever seen a Liverpool team give such an abysmal performance. The lack of creativity was alarming. Sissoko should never wear the Liverpool shirt again. Worst midfild play I have ever seen in a red shirt. He cannot pass a ball to save his life. But he was by no means the only culprit. For so called professional players, the majority of them are getting money under false pretences.
  9. Originally posted by Gary SO YOU DONT SHARE YOUR HUSBANDS PASSION FOR UNITED. IF YOU EVER WANT TO UPSET HIM TELL HIM LIVERPOOL WILL FINISH ABOVE UNITED THIS SEASON. Neither of us have a passion for Man U. Far from it. The painting is for someone else. If your prediction comes true, we will both be over the moon.
  10. ORIGINALLY POSTED BY GARY I'VE JUST LOST MY APPETITE. Sorry to put you of your food Gary, but I can understand why. I'm not fond of either of them myself, particularly the grinning face of Ronaldo. When he got sent off the other week, I couldnt help thinking WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, and YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. I will never forget the look on his face when he got Wayne Rooney sent off in the World Cup. He is a brilliant brilliant player, but his behaviour leaves a lot to be desired.
  11. Thanks for that info Demelzadoe. Solves the immediate problem. Never realized you were a United fan !!
  12. My husband is in the process of painting a double portrait of Wayne Rooney & Christiano Renaoldo, but of all the pictures he has of Wayne Rooney, none of them seem to show the colour of his eyes clearly. Do any of you Man Utd fans out there, happen to know the true colour of his eyes. Here's hoping.
  13. Hi Lynn. I have emailed you privately, dont know whether you received it or not. I new a Ged Pidgeon (Gerrard) from school. He lived in Alder Lane (near Orford Park).I knew all the family. He now lives just across from Tesco in Melville Close. Hope this helps with your enquires Cheers.
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