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Are you really happy


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Apparently a new survey has shown that people who are always smiling, laughing and generally light hearted are very often actually deeply depressed. They put on a show of being happy not only to convince others but also themselves. People who appeared to be overly serious, on the other hand, are frequently very happy but don't show it because it never occurs to them to do so.

If this is so, we are a deeply depressed society these days because there seem to be an awful lot of ridiculously cheerful people about who take nothing seriously at all.

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I don't think that man or woman has changed much over the past many years - maybe the difference has to do with what we have now compared to what we had say 50 or 100 years ago?


Happiness is something that comes from within. Unfortunately nowadays it seems that we seek happiness from without ourselves. So it is quite possible that people that pretend to be happy all the time are a bit depressed. But then again who really knows?


Many years ago I moved to northern Minnesota - I lived in a very rough cabin in the middle of nowhere. We had to go to the lake in winter for water. We had to hunt for food. We had to work like the dickens to get wood up for a whole winter. It was a tough life but I was happy in the beginning. After a while I had friends that had running water and other amenities (like a gas furnace) I was less happy. Looking back I realized I began to be more concerned about what others thought and that made me unhappy.


It was a lesson I have relearned over and over again since that time in the rough cabin in the woods.


Happiness comes from within.

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