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Free the Ripper?


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He was diagnosed as mentally ill and is on a regime of drugs to control that. His doctor says that as long as he takes his pills, he's no danger to anyone, so he should be let out. I think it's reckless and stupid to let him out when he will be deciding whether to take his meds or not on any given day and we all know exactly what will happen when he decides not to. I say we tell the good doctor that if Mr Ripper reoffends they BOTH go to prison for ever and share a cell, then ask again if he thinks it's a good risk. :evil:

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I find it hard to believe you can 'cure' someone of a compulsion to kill.To murder 13 people isn't the same process as stealing a car.And if he was mentally ill when he murdered why did he go to so much trouble to avoid detection? Someone who was totally out of touch with reality wouldn't be bothered about being caught or how much evidence they left.The fact is Sutcliffe's partner had a genuine mental illness and Sutcliffe attempted to copy her symptoms (after being caught, of course) to get a cushy sentence.


I don't care if he is 'safe' .He murdered 13 people and for that he should never be released.

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Completely agree Wireless.... and the only reason he should now be released, especially as he is now 'well', is to allow the families of his victims to have him shot or injected the minute he walks out after taking his one breath of expected freedom. :evil::evil:

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