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Law v Morals

Sue Durnim

Morality Versus Law  

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  1. 1. Morality Versus Law

    • Legally I would take it
    • Morally I would not take it

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If you were legally entitled to something, but it was morally wrong to receive it, regardless of the subject matter, would you take it?


Well try as I might I can't make a decision to enable me to vote in the poll when it says 'regardless of the subject matter'.


Some things I might... or others I might not and so I have no idea :oops: What sort or type of things do you mean SueD :oops:


Actually as I have not been able to vote does that mean that I have just answered the poll as my subconcious and moral values are obviously questioning it :D

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the way i look at it is :?


i would take it if i was legally entitled to it even if it was "morally wrong". i would then do the moral thing . if it was money or property that morally belonged to somebody else then i would try to come to an agreement whereby they could benefit from it if possible.

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hence the church is trying to play catch up with a changing morality - rather than remaining a static beacon, a point of reference in a world without a moral compass. :shock:


Very good observer, and how true. Taken you a long time to point it out though.


I think maybe they have been trying to put their own house in order first. :wink:

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