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Snow so did you...


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Ouch :shock:


Well I had a great time yesterday morning having snowball fights with all the kids round here.. OK so I started it :oops::lol:


Got a bit slushy later in the day so the novelty wore off. :?


Bit scarey late last night and today though with all the frozen slush on the roads and pavements and it's now freezing again (not that it ever thawed out round here).


Anyone got any spare grit or a salt mountain they don't need 8)

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do you need a CRB check to instigate a snowbafight with kids on the street these days??? :lol:


Probably but who cares :lol: Might get a few claims to childline etc put in against me for hitting them straight in the face a few times though :oops: I never was any good at throwing straight.


My neighbour (also a grown up) hit my son full force in his 'bits and pieces' with a large and rather compact snowball :lol::lol::shock:

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Heard about the stabbing on the radio Obs and like you say the mind boggles.


The lad who died was only 20 years old and a 19 year old has been arrested on suspicion of murder.


So sad that what should have been nothing more than a bit of fun has lead to a loss of a young life and a murder inquiry. :cry::cry:

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