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Wouldn't swim in it but then again I wouldn't swim anywhere :lol:


Believe there are Salmon in it now.... might be tempted to try one as Salmon is quite expensive in the shops. (wonder if they are HUGE like the seaguls used to be at Sellafield :lol:)


Must admit I saw the reporter and the local councillor talking about in on the news yesterday and the bloke in the background on the Jet Ski seemed to be having fun. Would definately give that a go :D:D

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At last someone who is brave enough to show their true identity to Geoff. I suspected that he may have been referring to 'alien' rather than 'alias' but I didn't like to question his spelling.


On the other hand maybe swimming in the mersey caused your bodily 'extras'.


PS..... with your four arms and three heads think what you must be doing for Wetherspoons beer profits :shock: Dread to think what you can drink in an hour :lol::P


Maybe that is why the only things left on Bridge Street are pubs and bars... quick dip in the Mersey anyone :lol:

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That reminds me of the old joke about the wife having a drink problem.. She?s only got one mouth!


My son lives at New Brighton in an apartment in what used to be the New Brighton Hotel, directly opposite the landing stage for the ferry. The piers gone now and all that?s left are just the footings pokeing above the sand.


It?s a very different place than that as I remember as a kid although there is still a small amusement arcade and little boating lake but the main difference is in the cleanliness. The sand there is probably as clean as any other beach in the country and while you don?t see too many swimming, the river is full of sail boats, jet skies and anglers.


As for the salmon, well I?ve seen loads of them, even up into the brook through Woolston Park but if you don?t mind, I?ll stick to the stuff out of the can for me salmon butties thank you very much!


Bill :)

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