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Lucky United will win the league again..


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and I thought they called the Everton fans "the bitters"


The "current" league champions. (When could you last say that about your team Gary?) were only playing what the referee allowed them, just like Liverpool did the other week at Anfield as I remember?


"Man City...... WHO ARE YA? WHO ARE YA????" :lol::lol:

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Excellent game to watch. Two shocking errors brought City back into the game twice. The game should have been over long before Owen scored. Given was awesome.


Four minutes on the board, two minutes lost during the four, Simples. Accept it Gary, there is nowt for you again this season. City will finish 6th/7th.

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Defending like that and United will not win the league.

Defending like that and City will be lucky to finish in the top 10.


Shay Given was their man of the match and allowing for our terrible defending and a terrific Bellamy goal the final score should have been Utd 8-1 City.


Terrific atmosphere in the ground and Michael Owen at a cost of ?0,000,000 is proving to be a 'super sub' buy of the season. :wink:

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Wot Eagle said.


Get over it Gary. IF that had been the poo instead of Man. U. you wouldn't have said squat.


I would be more concerned over WTFC being pinned in their own half by NINE men. :roll::roll::roll:


Get over what - a criminal injustice - City deserved a draw due to the heroics of their goal keeper (or poor finishing) and the best striker on the pitch in Bellamy (what does that tell us). On that performance United are not a team to fear this season and I suspect Chelsea will end up top dogs this year.


Liverpool are a bunch of also rans run by a manager without a clue.

However the last time United played Liverpool the best team won - by a country mile!


As for Town being pinned back by NINE men - they won 3-1 against top of the league - that is what matters.


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not sure about the united should of won 8-1 rubbish


a friend of mine text me after the game (united fan) saying united gave us three goals. my response was well we gave you four, nothing to be proud of really. All the goals were bad defensively, and Ballamys first was the best goal by far


As for the stoppage time, the four minutes was generous to begin with, Bellamys goal celebration took about 45 seconds and the substitution 30 (if you add these on, which doesnt always happen) this makes 5 minutes 15 sconds, the ref had three opportunities to blow before the goal, which he should of


take city against arsenal last week, second half 5 goals, three substitutions, 3 minutes added time at the end???????


they make it up as they go along


This doesnt take away from the fact that our defending was awful, but im sure we will bounce back



and i now officially hate Owen!!!!

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The guidelines for time added on are:-


For every goal and substitution 30 seconds.

Injuries and/or time wasting add 1-2 minutes.

Lengthy injuries are timed seperately.


During the second half there were 3 goals and 3 substitutions = 3 mins (minimum) plus a minute for other causes = 4 mins.


In stoppage time there was a further goal and a substitution which means at least 1 more minute to be added. Add to that the fan running on the pitch and Bellamy going out of his way to run 30 yds to give him a slap and the excessive celebrations of Bellamy's goal and the extra time was spot on. :wink:


I don't agree with wolfie's 8-1, although it should have been 6-1 :wink:


United didn't give City 3 goals, they only give them 2, as wolfie said Bellamy's first goal was a cracker. But those 2 were absolute gifts wherehas United's goals were down to poor City defence or brilliant Utd attacking depending on whether you are a red or a blue.


One thing I think we can all agree on is that it was far and above the most entertaining match this season so far.

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So there is still a minute that you have added on for "other causes" which is a bit vague as there didnt seem to be any other causes. and people can say minimum all they want, but compared to a lot of premier league games there wasnt any stoppages in the second half


also if, as you say, the officials add on 30 seconds for a goal, why did they decide to add a minute on for bellamys, the celebration wasnt any longer than the other goals


I think 4 minutes plus an extra one was generous enough, once 5 minutes were up the ref had a couple of opportunities to blow the whistle which seemed fair, so when he kept playing it just made it seem like we were playing til united scored

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