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Google Street View - Warrington


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seen it twice this week. once on thursday as i was walking out of the garage at the end of our street (gave it a wave so might be on it)


second time i was behind it from Mc Donalds winwick road to the hospital.(mast was down though so won't be on that one) :cry::P

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How is it an invasion of privacy? The car drives by once. It "invades your privacy" for about three seconds, during daylight hours. The pictures show nothing that isn't visible to anyone who walks by or owns an ordnance survey map. The postmand sess more on a daily basis.....


What on Earth are you up to in there to be so worried?! :shock:

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I'm thinking of putting a big poster on my front door with YAHOO on it.


:?: How can Google take pics of someones house, (who's children may be playing in the front garden) without permission, but I'm not allowed to take pics of my grand daughter in her school play?

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but I'm not allowed to take pics of my grand daughter in her school play?


Thats crap :!: Over the top protectionism, I think the school is a bit stuck though, What would happen if some pictures taken on their property turned up on an inappropriate web site. My daughter is receiving an award at her school next week I was planning on taking my camera :?

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here's what to do because this happened to me in my little boys 1st year. It was Christmas play and we were told that only 2 tickets were being issued per child. Fine methinks; I'll take the camera so that grandad and grandma could see the performance....... Whoa says the letter from the school which was brought home a week or so before the play, you can't film here because it isn't allowed.

"By whose authority? says me....

"Warrington Council Authority" says they....

"Well I will check." says me


Malcolm Roxburgh (Director of Education) from WBC says "we assess the situation using the Wednesbury Reasonableness case as a comparrison" (this was something to do with a housing decision taken years ago in the West Midlands - apparently... so what that has to do with taking pictures of my son in a school play is beyond me, but lets give the toga wearers a chance to redeem themselves.....


They stated that it would be reasonable to want to film my child in a play...... but not to film the kids getting changed for example (Lets treat every parent as a potential paedo then eh??)


Anyway, I wrote to the school and the head teacher and told him what I had been told.... Next day, son comes home with another letter stating "there appears to have been some misunderstanding regarding filming......."


"errr no, you told us we couldn't do it!! where is the muisunderstanding then??"


Anyway, upshoot is that parents can now take pictures of their kids at plays and concerts and even sports days!!


Just one other bit of ammo you might like to use against these over zealous toga wearing prats is to remind them that every year in the pages of the WG; they publish class photographs of every reception class in the town. You can write in and get your son/daughters class photo. Now they don't blur out every other kid in the picture; leaving yours visable, so how's that for a big dose of double standards. Oh, and the school probably get some revenue from the sale of these too!!


I would laugh if it didn't bloody annoy me so much!!


Apologies if this goes on a bit, but as you can see, with a bit of common sense and the facts at your fingertips; you can turn the tables on these doo gooding school types who try and scare you into their way of thinking by telling you that the town is full of paedos wanting to take pictures of your kids and post them on the internet..... while taking pictures of your kids and selling them in the Guardian!!



Good luck!

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To be honest my sons primary school always allowed us to take photo's during plays and at sports days etc. That was over 4 years ago though and once he went to senior school the plays and sports day events are all inhouse and mostly minus parents anyway :cry:


The rules of 'no photos' have frustrated me in other areas though :evil: My son played for a local football club every week for nearly 5 years upto the age of 15 and we don't have ONE PHOTO because of the silly rules :evil:


We were told under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was it allowed unless every parent from BOTH teams had consented. Of course there are always kids playing who's parents were not there so it was a complete no-go-area.


I've witnessed many games being stopped mid play because parents on the opposition team have been seen with a camera and been stood over while they were forced to DELETE any digital photo's or remove their camera film to ruin it before play could continue :shock::shock::roll:


Absolutely Ridiculous as I don't think any parents were actually opposed to photo taking... it was just the stupid rule makers and enforcers :evil::roll:

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I would have taken my son from the game there and then if they tried to stop me taking photos. Either that or dare them to call me a pervert or a paedo to my face.


Bloody toga wearing doo gooders..... Bloody makes my blood boil. If ever there was one thing in all of the last disasterous years of this failed Labour Government; it is the pandering to the nonsense that these idiots come out with.


You may blame Maggie for many things; but I'm damned sure she would not have stood for this crap

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...anyway back to Google :shock::oops:


The google car(s) have been going round Warrington for months now so most of us have probably already been 'got' so no point in worrying about tidying the garden or washing the car... or even hiding away..... as it's too late. :lol:

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