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Utd v Poo prediction


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I don't make predictions normally. Never on a derby and never ever on a Utd v Poo derby.


Having said that looking at Poo's recent form (last 5 matches), they are playing the best football they have played all year. Utd on the other hand over the same period have played the worst I have seen all year :wink:


So to sum up - If United lose it's to be fully expected because of previous points made. :wink:

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Good summary there wolfie :spin: however why should Liverpool break with tradition and score their first goal themselves at OT under Benitez?


However, Liverpool are scoring regularly at the moment and United are due to be less wasteful in the box so I will go for 3 - 3.


3-2 to the Cole gang in the other one.

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Benitez is desperate for a first win against MU and I think he will put everything into this match even though he has 3 tough matches against Arsenal coming up.


Pique is the weak link in MU's defence :roll:


Arsenal and Chelsea match will depend on who doesn't get sent off.

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wolfie if you had converted your reasons into goals you could have predicted the score.


1-0 Superior

2-0 More entertaining

3-0 habitual winners.


I thought Bennett bottled it whilst Clattenberg did well at Chelsea; having said that he didn't have the brain dead Argie to contend with.


[ 23.03.2008, 18:34: Message edited by: Eagle ]

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I find any posts that include favourable comments about Clattenberg - the worst ref in the Premier League - to be in need of moderation. Gary, can you bring your ball out again please ? :wink:


Clattenberg gave the worst performance I have ever seen in top flight football in the Mersey derby at Goodison earlier this season.


The guy is a disgrace: inept, a 'bottler' - and badly in need of a decent haircut !


He is not the only referee who is hopelessly out of his depth. Why is it that, increasingly, the main topic of conversation in the pub at weekends is the latest refereeing (or linesman's) gaffe ?


I watched Everton yesterday. A second Yakubu 'goal' was wrongly judged to be offside which could have seen us home and dry. In the end, West Ham battered us and we were lucky to get a point.


They say that errors of this nature even themselves out over a season. Not seen much evidence of that at Goodison.


Everton have not been awarded a penalty in the league all season. But then again, we're not one of the big four...... :x

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Chas, my 'praise' of Clattenberg was purely in comparison to the abject performance of Bennett at OT. Every other referee will be a star when compared to Bennett,he insists on being the hard man, he has shifted Ronaldo twice and has a reputation to keep up.

After the Cole shambles in the week three of the 'big four' realised that there could be a reaction by referees; Arsenal, Chelsea & United were aware of the situation & probably so were Liverpool but perhaps they need a new interpreter. If you have been booked you do not give the ref a chance to send you off. Mascherano is unapposed as prat of the week, Bennett is a close second.


BTW, Torres didn't do much against good defenders did he?



[ 23.03.2008, 23:35: Message edited by: Eagle ]

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Best team won and Liverpool still light years behind in the Premiership.

Mascherano should be banned for rest of season and fined a years salary by the club for being a gobby idiot not fit to wear the shirt!

Gerrard was toothless and Torres must have felt like billy no mates - Carragher also made to look like he is past his sell by date and Reina needs some catching practice!

When I have just named what is meant to be the backbone of the team to build on I think we need a new manager.

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