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  1. Try Grumble text and do a search on the text number.
  2. Can't say I see many pedestrians, they use the car to visit next door these days.
  3. Did Matt King get that scouse haircut just to feel at home or has he always had it :confused:
  4. Benitez is desperate for a first win against MU and I think he will put everything into this match even though he has 3 tough matches against Arsenal coming up. Pique is the weak link in MU's defence Arsenal and Chelsea match will depend on who doesn't get sent off.
  5. Can't believe what's going on here. Since January there have been references to Labour, Tory and Lib Dem politicians being stupid, liars and cheats. There have been jokes about homosexuals, the Irish, Jeremy Beadle, Gazza and now Madaleine McAnn. Fellow posters have been told to grow up, get a life and stop being stupid and yet someone who finds most of the posts interesting gets upset about a scouse joke or would that be a 'stereotype thought'?
  6. for the first one. :biggrinbounce: for the second
  7. Good job that doesn't apply to forums
  8. Bar Bacchus got the go ahead and will be allowed to stay open until 3am. Also, it has been rumoured - A bookies, off licence, a take away, massage parlour and tattoist
  9. Phil been transferred then :confused:
  10. Why didn't he say that :confused:
  11. Yes .............. because unfortunately we would end up hanging innocent people in some cases.
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